Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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"Bush: U.S. will find banned Iraqi weapons
Many parents keep kids away as schools reopen in Baghdad"


Quoting from the CNN Report:

"Many parents in Baghdad said they were afraid to send their children to the official start of the school year Saturday. The same day, the city's acting police chief made a surprise resignation. 

`I have a daughter in secondary school, how can I send her there? She's pretty, and it's not safe,' one mother said."

The above discloses the perpetuation of "behavioral inertia" correlated to formerly-acquired "biological mass"  

"U.S. authorities said they were caught off guard Saturday when Baghdad's interim police chief submitted his resignation. Officials said they were scrambling to find a replacement, according to an Army spokesman. 

U.S. officials considered the former acting police chief, Zuhir al-Naimi, a "good guy" who was kicked off the Baghdad police force 18 years ago by friends of Saddam's. But problems arose because al-Naimi did not want to set up the Baghdad police department the American way, "enacting our laws," said Capt. Jimmy Brownlee, spokesman for the Army's 3rd Infantry Division. 

Al-Naimi also did not want to implement a gun-safety training program, make a budget or deal with many of the procedures the U.S. military has established for setting up a police force, Brownlee said." 

As I've discussed in the previous post [quoted below], this stuff Probably constituted an "inverted" Public 'face' with respect to Private interactive dynamics - which, if True, means that there's already a strong 'resistance movement' forming - strong enough to already be able to Dictate to a man Strong enough to stand as a Leader among Police.

In such, folks should see the enduring ramifications of the learning that occurred within Iraqi nervous systems as 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization constructed "biological mass" with respect to the Brutal-Force exerted by the Iraqi Dictator.

Now that a generalized-"inversion" 'event' [the U.S.\British removal of the Iraqi Dictator], the "biological mass" within the Dictated-to folks is acting in the "inverted way", making those folks myriad 'Dictators'.

The neural Topology inherent in these dynamics is discussed in AoK, Ap5 with respect to the "passive->active phase shift", and in AoK, Ap7 & 8 with respect to the "meta-passive->active phase shift.  

"Passive phase" 'being-struck' tends, strongly, to "invert" to "active-phase" 'striking', in a generalized way within 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization dynamics.

Look and see, NDT's understanding 'lifts the veil' from such, enabling folks to comprehend what it is that they must do.

What's that?

Communicate NDT's understanding so that it can, then, allow folks to comprehend the Unworthiness of giving themselves over to 'blind'-automation, so that folks can, then, lift themselves up out of 'blind'-automation.

Anything else 'just' redistributes the energy-flow, literally forcing it to 'pop-out' elsewhere.

K. P. Collins

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  "The Fog of Peace", By MICHAEL R. GORDON

  I wanted to quote the entirety of this Article because discussion with respect to all of it is Important.
  But, rather than 'break' the Article's context, or unfairly use it in its enirety, I'll just provide the discussion, here. I encourage folks to take the 'time' to read, and think about the Article's discussion by following the linkto it, given above.

  The article discusses, in a refreshigly forthright fashion, the dynamics that American forces are confronting on the ground.

  What I want to do is 'fill in the blanks', a bit, with respect to the Article's discussion.

  What's going on in Iraq is that U.S. exertion of Force has resulted in a generalized elevation of TD E/I within Iraqi nervous systems. Iraqi nervous systems will 'blindly' and automatically 'seek' to achieve TD E/I-minimization in any way that they can.

  The first 'casualty' within such will be Truth. In all commonplace interactions between American forces and the Iraqi Citizenry, the Iraqi 'side' will 'strive' to implement what it thinks the U.S. side wants to hear - in a way that's "inverted" with respect to U.S. force, proportionately. [The Iraqi Citizenry is

  But, in private, Iraqi behavior will "invert", again, with respect to it's long-enduring Suffering, and in accord with the larger background context in which their version of 'free speech' occurs - the 'whispering' of Truth within the 'interstitial spaces' of their, 'Public' personas.

  Be-cause of its long experience at the hands of the Iraqi Dictator's use of force, the Iraqi Citizenry is 'well-schooled' in the dynamics of such "inversion" with respect to the experiential forces inherent in the 'moment' at hand. So, what seems 'overly-fancy' capability to folks who've not experienced as Iraqis have experienced is 'just' what Iraqi nervous systems commonly do.

  A big part of what's entailed derives in pan-Arab background communications, which constitutes a powerful [the most-powerful?] unifying guide for the 'private' way [which, as above, is "inverted" with respect to applications of external 'force'].

  For the most part, all that has happened in Iraq is that the "biological mass" that was constructed through the Iraqi Citizenry's experience of the Iraqi Dictator's Brutality is all still extant within Iraqi nervous systems, but it's 'just' been 'transferred', almost of-a-piece, to 'The U.S.' The only differences entailed derive in the 'caricicature' of 'Western Civilization' that the Iraqi Citizenry had formerly developed through the distorting 'lens' of the Iraqi Dictator's 'moving away from' Truth with respect to Western Civilization. Because of such Dictatorial manipulations, the common [Dictated-to] folks just have no way of experiencing the actuality of Western Culture. All their experience is "through the lens [distortedly]" - through the doubly-convoluted "wavy-glass 'brick' of my posts in the "What do brains do?" thread.

  With respect to all of this, all the nervous systems of folks who are Dictated-to in a way that inherently 'moves away from' Truth can accomplish is 'blind' and automatic convergence upon TD E/I-minimization that incorporates variations of the 'moving away from' Truth inherent in their Dictated experiential realities.
  [An important correlated aside: Another significant factor in this 'caricicature' of 'The West' derives in Iraqi 'underground' viewing, and private interactions with respect to, Western Arts and Literature - primarily from the U.S. [Hollywood], in which 'western fear' with respect to Terrible acts of Violence perpetrated by 'foreigners', against 'the west', is experienced only incompletely within the nervous systems of the Iraqi [and other] Citizenry[s]. In their viewing of such Hollywood faire, they tend to 'stop' gaining overall comprehension where their 'familiar' experience results in TD E/I(up) occuring within their nervous systems. They tend to 'stop' following the plots at 'points' in the Productions at which 'western fear' is dramatically emphasized. [2001-09-11 got its start in other folks' 'stopping'-right-here in their viewing of Western Action dramatizations. Sans Western Aculturation, to the degree of such, such Western Art 'just' resonates with respected the experience-derived "invertedness" of non-Western Cultures, 'reinforcing' the "invertedness" at the experientially-prejudiced 'stop-actually-viewing-point'. Non-Western viewers 'thrill' to the portrayal of 'western fear', and experience the stereotypical 'failure' of Art's 'villains' only as a Challenge to 'achieve' the 'fear-filled' affect that's portrayed, without so 'failing'. Western Art has been, in this way, a incitement to Terrorism. As videos circulate, the wellspring stuff inherent is compounded. There's Pavlovian and Hebbian stuff going on within nervous systems which cross-correlates, and links, the 'little thrill of rebellion' inherent in just viewing 'banned' 'western' Art, with the larger 'stop-viewing-point' 'learning' I've just discussed. What occurs as small-group 'heroics' [akin to 'trash-talking' at a local pub in Western Cultures], gains "behavioral inertia" as the 'heroes' of the discussions seek to gain the experience of more of the same 'triumphant adulation' - and, so things escalate, and this escalation of 'back-room' experience continues until it precipitates the Violence of Terrorism. In every Terrorist Act, those involved will, in this way, have 'gone to school', via their Culturally-skewed viewing 'western' Art. In their 'minds', the Terrorists are literally Living the 'moment' of 'failure', with Determination to 'rewrite the script' to inflict the stuff of the 'thrill' they experience at their 'stop-actually-viewing-points', without Failing. [These dynamics actually occur in a generalized way, even within sub-cultrues within the U.S. Culture. I encourage anyone who 'doubts' to set-up prepared to make careful observation in the parking lot of a theatre showing a street-racing flick. [But park your own car in an out-of-the-way place :-] What you'll invariably observe is Young viewers 'living in the spirit' of the Art that they've just viewed - reving engines, 'peeling-out'. 'being cool', etc. An altertnative observation opportunity is with respect to observing at theatre exists when a 'martial arts flick is letting-out. This case is, however, more-subtle than is the street-racing case. The general thing is True, however, folks 'stop-actually-viewing' at the 'points' that 'hook' their capacities to 'thrill', which derive in their larger experiential realities. It's all 'just' TD E/I-minimization with respect to that which is actually experienced by any nervous system. This's why well-rounded Education is so Important. Sadly, the 'cool'-attitude stuff that so impedes the Educational process these days also derives in the 'disrespect-for-what's-in-learning' attitude that's portrayed in common TV and movie faire. [I've Studied all of this, first hand, during my periods of working as a Substitute Teacher. Everything I've discussed in this 'aside' stands Verified. I'll 'gladly' [Sorrowfully] take it up with anyone who wants to argue such.]

  Anyway, take what's here into your reading of the article that's linked-to above.

  The Real 'war' is with respect to all of this stuff that can only be seen when NDT's 'lifting of the veil' is put into practice.

  Anything else results in 'just' more of the same-stuff 'squeezing out through the cracks' left in enforced-external-'control' - and, since nervous systems deal in energy-flow, and energy is 'slippery' stuff, it's best to imbue nervous systems with their own capacities for Volitional Control that's simultaneously in their own best interests, and the Best Interests of Humanity as a whole.

  This is what NDT's understanding is all about, and is why I persist in working to lift folks up in NDT's understanding - and why I so Beg folks to just allow the understanding to be Communicated.

  It is the only stuff that'll work.

  Anything else just 'squeezes' stuff here, with the result that it 'pops-out' elsewhere.

  K. P. Collins

  "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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