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Mon May 5 00:05:22 EST 2003

A 'Funny' Thing:

To drag NDT's stuff out of the 'jungle', I had to give over to the
work inherent the stuff folks 'normally' give to their interactions
with others.

I've had to be 'alone'.

What's 'Funny' is that, now, folks're holding my 'aloneness' against
me - setting it up as their aggreed-upon 'measure' of my
'incompetence', because, after all, I can't even get my work

I admit it. I don't know how to accomplish that end.

I don't know such be-cause I had to work outside of the realm in
which knowledge with respect to such is tightly-held. [I'm not
talking about writing a paper and submitting it to a Journal. AoK was
well-enough written [if, now, more than a decade old] to be
Published. What I'm talking about is the 'networking' that comes into
play when 'hard' papers come up for review. Because I had to work in
'solitude', I've no Colleagues who'll 'vouch' for my work.]

So, it's 'Funny' to me that, to do the work, I had to release from
'contact' with the 'system', and that the latter thing is what's
being 'held against' me, even though I teeter on the brink of dying
for having done the work that I've done - it's a "Catch-22" :-]

[It's all much more 'Funny' in my notes. I can't seem to bring myself
to just state it plainly, though, for the sake of 'being funny' - I
can't seem to do anything that'd 'ingratiate' folks to myself -
because that'd be 'manipulative' on behalf of myself, and, in such,
I'd've Failed to Guard Free Will, which, with respect to NDT's
understanding, I Choose not to do - which, I expect, no one will
comprehend. That's 'Funny', too :-]


"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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