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Mon May 5 01:32:35 EST 2003

What do I expect.

I expect a couple of folks in Neuroscience to help me get a paper
published by 'vouching' for AoK within the Reviewing process. You
know - help the ms. actually make it beyond the mailroom clerk.

It's a small, and Honorable expectation for one who has Lived his
Life in Devotion to our Science, isn't it?


It's unfulfilled-ness allows me to see, with Certainty, that
something is 'amiss' - that things might be as they are 'supposed to
be', but, if that's so, then there's stuff in Science that needs to
be Forthrightly addressed, and Fixed.

'Cause it cannot be that Science refuses Publication to a man who is
only declaring what he has seen with his own two eyes - else Science
has ceased to Exist.

"Still it moves."

[It's 'funny'. My body is devouring it's musculature in an effort to
scavenge protein that my nervous system needs to continue working on
behalf of NDT's understanding. My once-so-strong body is starting to
walk 'stooped-over', just balancing my weight on my skeletal
structure. And I can't find employment, which is 'funny', too,
because I'm one of the most-capable VB Programmers on the face of the
planet [not in a 'fancy'-commercial way, but in a
prototype-code-development way]. Surely there're folks who can use my
unique skillset, but I receive no replies to my inquiries - no one to
'vouch' for me, with respect to employment. It's all so 'hilarious'.
Just wish it weren't so serious. Otherwise, I'd be ROFL. Such a fine
'joke' my 'life' is. "You duped me, Lord."  :-]

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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