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| Folks've 'wondered' about why the colors in vision are so
| 'true to Life', but Truth is that they are actually not. They are
| just an extremely-selective, very-small subset of all EM
radiation -
| just what we need to 'see' to "save [us] from getting a bump on the
| head" [AoK, Ap6]. Most of the EM that's out-there just whizzes-by
| nervous systems undetected. If 'vision' were Tru to Life, we'd see
| all - and how burdensome that'd be [although, I'd like it very much
| if I could, at least for a little while, see infrared, 'cause then
| could look on a body and 'see' its 'embrace' of WDB2T :-]
| [...]

This last thing points right to enhanced scanning methodologies,
although, to use infrared it's probably have to be used in vitro -
with relatively thin slices that retain some 'functionality' -
because infrared is relatively non-penetrating - what one sees in
infrared images of the whole body is stuff that's akin to the
superficial 'bubbling' of a natural water source [a spring] - a
filtered, cumulative effect in which at-depth details are obscured -
but this last consideration can be addressed, at least to a degree,
via methods that incorporate 'stereo' [or higher-order multiple]
techniques which, because the Geometry of the brain is a 3-D
[pudding-like] 'solid', would render heat-flow at-depth
'distinguishable' from superficial heat-flow. [I still don't know how
far into the brain the infrared 'flow' would be able to be followed
["infrared-flow" = infrared radiation -> absorption -> re-radiation,
..., which occurs 'spherically'] -maybe the most-prominent thing
that'd show up would be venal blood flow :-]

Anyway, what I wanted to say in this msg is, why not take a lesson
from the neural architecture, and intersperse detectors of various
types in an orderly distribution within a detector 'sphere'? The
resulting multi-modality scan will give a more-informative view into
the brain and its 3-D energydynamics.

Most of the brain's information-processing power derives in its using
only 'modest'-capability [eons-refined] receptors, but doing this
sort of thing in the extraordinarily-integrated way made possible by
"the special topological homeomorphism. The resulting =integration=
is what has folks 'going ga-ga' with respect to "consciousness",
because it tends not [yet] to be incorporated within Human-engineered
stuff - because folks've not [yet] learned to do stuff in the
"special-topologically-homeomorphed" way that's been discussed in AoK
[and disclosed in any =Good= Neuroanatomy Text] all along :-]

Human engineering tends to 'keep it simple' by keeping detetector
modalities distinct, and interconnectedness-routing orthogonal,
within individual ingineering designs.

'Course, the brain's wet 3-D energy-flow dynamics are something else
entirely :-]

What I'm saying in this msg is that folks need to give themselves
over to the =Fun= inherent in 'prototyping approaches that take
little steps toward augmenting integration within the engineering of
scanning approaches.

Fun is Fun. Folks should enjoy it where ever it can be found, no?

I think so.

So what if real and important Work is simultaneously being
accomplished - it's =still= 'just' Fun :-]

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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