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what the brain does?

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Mon May 5 12:35:34 EST 2003

I've not checked more-recently, but when I started out decades ago
the 'hommonculus' was, quite literally, the 'proposition' that there
was a 'little man' in the brain - ind of like the chess playing
'automatons' that had a midget Chess Master hidden inside.

That, of course is a 'trick', and says nothing about how the
automation actually occurs.

On the other hand, if modern usage of "hommonculus" has morphed into
"the special topological homeomorphism" as it's disclosed and
discussed in AoK, then that's quite another matter, because, in "the
special topological homeomorphism:, the hows and whys of the
automation are fully disclosed.

And it's not a 'little man' in there.

It's 'just' the awesome-Topological way in which 'the' nervous system
['the brain'] literally grasps the external 3-D energydynamics and
'turns them outside-in, upside-down, and backward', inwardly
'replicating' [modeling] the external 3-D energydynamics, so that
directionalities within the post-grasping internal 3-D energydynamics
occur in rigorous accord with the survival demands imposed by the
external 3-D energydynamics.

But such is =not= a "hommonculus". Such is 'just' 'the' Human Body

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| may I suggest you to see what we call an
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