Multi-modality Scanning

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| [I still don't know how far into the brain the
| infrared 'flow' would be able to be followed
| ["infrared-flow" = infrared radiation ->
| absorption -> re-radiation, ...,
| [...]

It's getting into Tapered Harmony [pure Physics], but the energy-flow
=cascades=, from most-energetic to least-energetic, via emission ->
absorption -> re-emission 'chains' until it's 'just'
"local-background UES".

=Throughout=, it's all 'just' infinitely-'fluid', continuous,

"Infrared" is =just= one wavelength range within this overall

All the 'steps' inherent are, themselves, 'defined' by
emission\absorption =thresholds=, which are, themselves variable with
respect to local "UES-`pressure`", which threshold variability
discloses [Requires Recognition of] the =CONTINUITY= of the overall
energydynamics that are WDB2T.

The WDB2T energy-flow is =continuous=, which is =THE= thing that
makes WDB2T Rigorously-Consistent throughout the entire extent of
physical reality - which is what makes WDB2T =THE= 'thing' with
respect to which 'Knowing' can be 'automated' - which the
Evolutionary 'Engineer' 'figured-out' eons ago, 'engineerig' our
nervous systems in rigorous accord with it.

So that we may "KNOW".

You Know? :-]

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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