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The Big Picture

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Mon May 5 13:37:04 EST 2003

Why is it Important for Science to do the Work inherent in
understanding =everything= within Neuroscience?

Because folks outside of Science are expending their energies in
doing other stuff that underpins the collective Survival of Humanity,
so they can't push-energy sufficiently with respect to enabling them
to comprehend the Neuroscience in detail.

So Scientists have to do this information-processing Work on behalf
of folks who do their Survival-Underpinning Work outside of The
Laboratories of Science.

Why this "have to do"?

Because, in the absence of the doing of this work, everything 'grows
wild', as in a Jungle, and, because it does, folks' TD
E/I-'minimized' behavioral by-productions occur in a way that's
commensurately 'wild', which 'blindly' and automatically precipitates
Tragedy within Human interactive dynamics.

So, what's Necessary is for folks who do their Survival-Underpinning
Work in Science, to grasp the whole, and 'boil it down' so that its
essence can be Communicated to folks who do their
Survival-Underpinning Work outside of Science.

In this way, Humanity can go forward to its collective Survival, with
each Person doing her\his Crucial Work.

Science isn't about 'making money'.

Science is about 'lifting the veil' that 'blinds' folks to Reality.

Remove the 'blindness', and folks will prosper - there will be
'money' enough for everyone :-]

But the thing that's of first-Importance is Humanity's Survival.

That's why Science must do this information-processing Work upon
which the Survival of Humanity Depends.

You Know?

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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