what the brain does?

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| Sorry, I see another point, for example do we talk about the CPG
| Pattern Generator), wich serve for the automatic actions (means
| writing ....) but are engaged by the brain?

The concept of 'central patter generators' is inadequate - there are
'patterns' but their functionality is widely-distributed within the
nervous system.

This wide distribution is necessary because everything that
participates in a periodic function [a 'pattern'] like walking must
be tunable with respect to the infinite variation that can confront
nervous systems - just walking on a woodland path, for instance
continually confronts the feet with relatively-novel proprioceptive

Our nervous systems 'typically' resolve such problems in practically

This wouldn't be the case if there was a 'central pattern generator'.

What there is is distributed functionality that exquisitely
communicates what it's doing to everything else that's involved in
the widely-distributed periodic functionality, but which takes care
of its local challenges via relatively-local circuitry.

Next, consider the demands on an athlete's body during a heated
Football contest, for instance vision, audition, somatosensation.
proprioception, high-level cognition and consciousness are all
tightly integrated within the mix, everything entering into the
tuning of the periodicity.

An athlete's practice literally builds the neural circuitry that
enables her\his spectacular athleticism, but this spectacular
athleticism is dynamically governed via widely-distributed
functionality all tightly integrated and coordinated overall.

The periodcity of 'patterned motion is as a 'symphony' that's
literally 'orchestrated' via widely-distributed nervous system

There are no central 'little black boxes'. Everything is distributed.

It's TD E/I-minimization that governs all of this.

Cheers, Yannick, ken [K. P. Collins]

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