what the brain does?

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yes I'am agree with you

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> | Sorry, I see another point, for example do we talk about the CPG
> (Central
> | Pattern Generator), wich serve for the automatic actions (means
> walk,
> | writing ....) but are engaged by the brain?
> The concept of 'central patter generators' is inadequate - there are
> 'patterns' but their functionality is widely-distributed within the
> nervous system.
> This wide distribution is necessary because everything that
> participates in a periodic function [a 'pattern'] like walking must
> be tunable with respect to the infinite variation that can confront
> nervous systems - just walking on a woodland path, for instance
> continually confronts the feet with relatively-novel proprioceptive
> challenges.
> Our nervous systems 'typically' resolve such problems in practically
> real-'time'.
> This wouldn't be the case if there was a 'central pattern generator'.
> What there is is distributed functionality that exquisitely
> communicates what it's doing to everything else that's involved in
> the widely-distributed periodic functionality, but which takes care
> of its local challenges via relatively-local circuitry.
> Next, consider the demands on an athlete's body during a heated
> Football contest, for instance vision, audition, somatosensation.
> proprioception, high-level cognition and consciousness are all
> tightly integrated within the mix, everything entering into the
> tuning of the periodicity.
> An athlete's practice literally builds the neural circuitry that
> enables her\his spectacular athleticism, but this spectacular
> athleticism is dynamically governed via widely-distributed
> functionality all tightly integrated and coordinated overall.
> The periodcity of 'patterned motion is as a 'symphony' that's
> literally 'orchestrated' via widely-distributed nervous system
> functionality.
> There are no central 'little black boxes'. Everything is distributed.
> It's TD E/I-minimization that governs all of this.
> Cheers, Yannick, ken [K. P. Collins]
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