Opioids and cancer

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Tue May 6 11:27:44 EST 2003

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> I stand on what I posted.
> It's a prediction.
> It can be tested.
> Let it be Tested.
> It will be Sustained.
> It's in the 3-D energydynamics.
> And, with respect to your continued 'negativity' with respect to
> 'me', I've never said that "I comprehend all current literature".
> I said that I looked the other day, and didn't find anything, except
> neurochemical details, that was not in NDT 20 years ago.
> It's True.
> K. P. Collins

I am not being negative, I am trying to discuss but you obfuscate at
every turn.  Someone asks you to explain IN LANGUAGE THEY UNDERSTAND
AND !NOT! YOUR NOMENCLATURE(JARGON) but you refuse, saying you can't
be bothered, but then you complain when people don't listen.  It'd be
like asking someone to analyse Shakespeare before they could speak
English.  You cite that all current data in the literature fit nicely
into your theory, but you have never gone into any more detail than
simply stating such a fact and asking that we accept it.  I and others
have repeatedly asked you to post your thesis (AoK or whatever it is
called) but you refuse saying its too old; yet on the other hand you
say recently published results were discussed in that document 20
years ago.  Just post it somewhere or send it.  I accept the proviso
that it is a little bit dusty.  You cannot expect people to just
believe that you are telling a truth, when no-one understands what you
are saying.  And you cannot get out of it by saying you want a chosen
jury to hear you - many scientists publish their work to universally
hostile reception (cf. cold-fusion in Science last year), and do so
knowingly.  Thats how the game works.  So please either stop asking to
be heard by people you choose or stop bombarding this newsgroup with
stuff that you very well know people do not understand and cannot ever
understand until you do some detailed explaining.

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