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Since it's been brought up as a form of 'criticism', I'll discuss it
a bit further.

I do Believe Jesus is God. Can't 'explain' it - just Believe.

So do billions of other folks, but my Faith is of a lesser kind.
While others can 'just' Believe, I, like the Apostle Thomas, had to
see it with my own eyes.

I'd been working on what was to become NDT for more than a decade
when it began to become obvious to me that Jesus Knew how our nervous
systems work, and that His teaching obviously took such knowledge
into account. Jesus was lifting folks up above hatred.

I've been 'bashed' and 'battered' a lot because I don't shy-away from
discussing that which I see with my own eyes, and my acknowledgement
of Jesus' Priority has been right up there with respect to the
cummulative brutality that I've endured.

It's usually 'subtle', 'cause it's not 'politically correct' to be
'blatent' about trashing folks because of their Faith in Jesus.

On a lighter side, I'm sure some folks 'think' that I've 'reverse
engineered' NDT, so that 'what it says corresponds to what Jesus
taught', but that 'premise' disolves into nothingness when folks get
into NDT and discern that it's just a theory in Neuroscience that
does, in fact, tightly integrate the proven experimental results in
Neuroscience, in a way that's orders of magnitude more-advanced than
is any other theory in Neuroscience.

So the 'reverse-engineering premise' doesn't stand under scrutiny.
[It'd be Hilarious if it did, though - if all I did was 'reverse
engineer' the teaching of Jesus, and come out with a theory in
Neuroscience that's verifiably orders of magnitude more-advanced than
is any other theory in Neuroscience. That'd be a pretty 'fancy'
thing - hey! come to think about it, I did pursue a study of
Forgiveness in that way - looked for it in the Biology, and as I've
discussed found it - that is pretty fancy :-]

I take Truth seriously - I Honor Truth. So when I saw that it was
obvious that Jesus Knew how nervous systems work, and that He
obviously taught from such knowledge, I had to ask myself how, ~2000
years ago, ~1500 years before the establishment of the scientific
method, that could be.

The only way that I could 'resolve' it is for me to see that Jesus
had Supernatural Knowledge. I see such plain as day when I cross
correlate what's in His teaching with what's become experimentally
verified within Neuroscience.

Then, like I said, if I see it with my own eyes, I don't 'shy away'
from telling it plain.

So, if anyone wanted to know, that's my Belief, and the 'why' of it.

I've Reason, witnessed with my own eyes.

It's 'hilarious', this matter seems to 'scare the hell' out of folks.
I've never encountered anyone, from any field, who'll even discuss it
with me, even though it's all straightforward.

K. P. Collins

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| In my case, it has more to do with with the fact that I can't
| to purchase food, have explained my situation to folks, asked for
| help. but will, apparently, receive none.
| Funny thing about eating - one can't stay alive without it.
| The work was done because I do Love in that way - have since a
| Child - I call it "grabbing TSEOTS".
| But, since you mention it, there are some similarities - Jesus just
| Loved folks, too, He Challenged the status quo, but Infinitely-more
| than I'm capable of.
| He was Killed be-cause His Loving folks was 'unfamiliar' to folks,
| which 'blindly' and automatically generated TD E/I(up) within folks
| nervous systems, to which folks reacted by Killing Jesus.
| In my case, I took NDT's understanding to the Authorities decades
| ago - since then, my Life has been 'Hell'. It's easy to discern the
| 'time' coincidences and correlated trends inherent, as it is easy
| see that 'containment' of pure-Joy stuff, as is in NDT, requires an
| organized effort.
| So, yeah. Anyone who challenges the status quo will tend to get
| 'beaten-down' by 'blindly;-automated TD E/I-minimization. [But,
| don't denigrate Jesus because of me. It's the one thing with
| to which I will take Legal Action in Court of Law. Jesus Suffered
| enough, without folks heaping B.S. upon His Memory because of
| anything any one of us does.]
| Doing such while 'Hiding' behind a pseudonym-ID is about as
| Reprehensible as things can get as far as I'm concerned Cowardice
| being deliberately-hurtful.
| Take such elsewhere.
| K. P. Collins
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| "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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