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| [...]
| So the 'reverse-engineering premise' doesn't
| stand under scrutiny. [It'd be Hilarious if it did,
| though - if all I did was 'reverse engineer' the
| teaching of Jesus, and come out with a theory in
| Neuroscience that's verifiably orders of magnitude
| more-advanced than is any other theory in
| Neuroscience. That'd be a pretty 'fancy'
| thing - hey! come to think about it, I did pursue
| a study of Forgiveness in that way - looked for
| it in the Biology, and as I've discussed found it
| - that is pretty fancy :-]
| [...]

The =need= for Forgiveness is built right into our nervous systems
be-cause of the way that "biological mass" [microscopic trophic
modifications to the neural architecture] is constructed as a
consequence of the neural activation that actuall occcurs within
nervous systems.

When we procede in mis-take ways, the "biological mass" that's
constructed within our nervous systems literally embodies the
'mis-take'. This "biological mass" just sits-there, exerting inertia
within subsequent TD E/I-minimization dynamics that occur within our
nervous systems, thereby, tending to perpetuate the stuff of the

The =only= way in which this negative effect can be ameliorated is to
experience "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8], in which the
formerly-constructed "biological mass" is literally de-constructed.

But during such 'de-construction' of formerly created "biological
mass", abstract TD E/I increases, and, absent understanding of how
nervous systems process information, nervous systems tend, strongly,
to 'blindly' and automatically 'resist' "rendering useless", simply
be-cause it is, in fact, correlated with the occurrence of TD

Enter "Forgiveness".

When one "Forgives", one actively presents other folks with the
opportunity to "back out of former learning 'cul de sacs`" - presents
others with enhanced opportunity to go ahead with the
information-processing work inherent in 'de-constructing' formerly
constructed, but now, through subsequent experience, proven to be
'mis-taken'. "biological mass".

Forgiveness not only does this, but simultaneously expresses a
being-at-one with the person who is having to experience "rendering
useless" - the one who Forgives literally enters into experiencint
the TD E/I(up) that the Forgiven person will encounter while the
'mis-take' is being backed out of.

Why Forgiveness is Necessary is that, because nervous systems are
=not= omnicient, they cannot see 'round the experiential bend -
there's always stuff around the experiential bend [along the 'path'
of one's experience through Life] that was unknown while "biological
mass" was formerly being created.

With respect to such, Forgiveness is an absolute necessity.

Anything less than Forgiveness "sows the seeds of its own wearing of
chains" [Abraham Lincoln] because it inflicts 'moving away from'
Truth within interactive dynamics, and 'to the degree of such,
'moving away from' Truth 'just' piles up work needlessly and
wastefully, to the degree of such, rendering the doing of that which
actually needs to be done proportionately 'impossible'.

Forgiveness isn't 'magic', but it's as close to 'magic' as Humans can
get within their routine interactive affairs.

I encourage folks to do more than just read this msg. Study it, and
cross-correlate its stuff with everything else that's discussed in

There's so much 'emphasis' on 'recriminations' running rampant these
days - all of which 'close the door to Forgiveness', trapping folks
within their 'mis-takes'.

Why not foster 'just' the opposite - celebrate 'mis-takes' becoming
discovered, folks willingness to 'recover', and embrace this need
that's built right into our nervous systems simply because they are
not omniscient?

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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