smith predictor and the cerebellum

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Will you kindly =read= what I've posted, expecially when you quote

It was the "Automation of Knowing ms. ..." that got this role of the
cerebellum straightened-out within Neuroscience [along with a
g'zillion other things - but folks in Neuroscience have never
credited such to AoK].

Such just rips my heart out.

'the pros', stealing the bread out of an Amateur's hand, 'government'
orchestrating such, and 'business' cheering it on as it 'druels' over
imagined 'profits', 'journalism' turning its back upon such.

"What the hell, it's only one person we're starving to death."

Never mind that the one person who they're Murdering is the person
who rewrote the Science. Kill the goose that laid the golden egg, and
all that.

k. p. collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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| > The cerebellum does this with respect to the whole nervous
| > not just motor stuff. That this has not been generally recognized
| > results from the way that it's relatively easy to see the impacts
| > cerebellar deficits within motor functionality,
| Um, Id disagree with you there Ken, most people think that the
| is involved in a lot more than motor these days. I mean, what is
| animal with the largest cerebellum per brain size? The Carpet
| Anything special about it? Its got the most sensitive and acurate
| electronic detection system out of any shark.
| A lot of people believe that the cerbellum is just a side
| waiting to do any exsisive calculation the brain needs. In humans
| standing errect requires a lot of programming, and hence motor
| on the whole are "calculated" in the cerbellum.
| As someone whos into there antomy, you'd have to agree that the
| units in the cerebellar cortex look like it would suit as a general
| processor, wouldn't you?

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