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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri May 9 04:30:26 EST 2003

What do I mean?

Yes, America is strong.

But America sheds 'light', not 'darkness' - even when the going is tough - especially when the going is tough.

America leads by falt-out demonstrating to folks what's in caring-for-one-another, in working-together, and in cherishing Hope for the future of all people, everywhere.

America doesn't 'close doors' - America 'opens' them.

The difference is sometimes subtle, but America shines through, always.

Anything else is not America.

Get it?

All our Hopes exist in always Remembering America.

Everything we do must Remember America.

It's in our Remembering America that folks in distant lands gain Reason to understand America.

All our Hopes derive in this one thing.

It must be right-there, ever-present in our 'hearts' - there to lift folks up in understanding of America.

America doesn't dictate.

America leads by 'shining the light' in which America was Born into folks' 'hearts'.

Anything else "sows the seeds of [anyone's] wearing of chains" [Abraham Lincoln]

Get it?

This is America, not high-tech, "we will bury you", weaponry.

That dubious backward step was induced upon America during the Cold War.

America was never about that.

America has always been about Freedom.

That's America's 'light'.

Get it?

Let it shine!

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
  "KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message news:R9Kua.146608$ja4.6836066 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
  "Senate Deal Kills Effort to Extend Antiterror Act", By ERIC LICHTBLAU


  The thing to do is Remember America, and take action in that way..

  K. P. Collins

  "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
    "KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message news:vDZka.19732$cO3.1528812 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
    "Republicans Want Terror Law Made Permanent", By ERIC LICHTBLAU


    Quoting from the New York Times article:

    "But an aide who demanded anonymity said of the `lone wolf' bill: `We support this bill as it is and that's how we want to see it passed. If the Democrats want to amend the bill, then we will offer an equal number of amendments to improve the bill as well. We hope the Democrats will stop holding this bill up.`"

    This pne 'way' of addressing Truth's one energydynamic that "sows the seeds of it's own wearing of chains" [Abraham Lincoln]

    The Sorrowdul thing is that, until it learns with respect to the Error inherent, it chains everyone else 'two' - which is why it'll, ultimately, Fail.

    ['moving away from' Truth is self-disclosing in a way that does just the opposite stuff as folks' nervous systems achieve TD E/I-minimization with respect to the 'moving away from' behavior, folks 'move toward' Truth :-]

    Truth - the stuff around which there is no 'way'.

    K. P. Collins

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