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| > I said: "this has not been generally recognized", and stand on
| Dude, its in all of the major modern textbooks on neuroscience. Go
| Principles of Neural Science.

Dude. I'm telling you that, before it was in all the major textbooks,
it was in the work I did, and solely in the work I did, which work I
sent out, decades ago, to my Colleagues in Neuroscience, including
Authors of textbooks. [I did so in my efforts to drag myself in 'out
of the cold', thinking that, if I showed them what was not yet in
their textbooks, they'd help me fnd readmission to 'the system' - but
I gave them the understanding to witch you refer, you know, Dude?

| > I am the Researcher who first explained =how= and =why= it it so.
| > completely integrated within a unified theory of CNS function,
| > cognition, affect and behavior, including the cerebellum's role
| > creativity, curiosity, and volition [I integrated consciousness
| > subsequently].
| You've explained conciousness?

Yes, way, way, way beyond anything I've ever seen discussed by my
Coleagues in Neuroasience, Cognitive Science, Artificial
Intelligence, and Physics.

All I've ever seen outside of my own work are discussions of flat-out
trivial stuff being called "consciousness" - that and
deliberately-obfuscating 'microtubule' stuff that meake me want to
'throw up'.

Dude, did you hear me say I also established concrete biological
mechanisms for creativity, curiosity and volition, all of which
reduce directly to the Proven Neuroscience experimental results?

I did, Dude, and sent all this stuff out decades ago, too.

Dude, it's all documented.

It's why I'm being Killed, Dude - folks're 'afraind' of me because
I've done all of this stuff. They 'think' that it's too-much to
'leave in the control' of one man, so they just take it so that it
can all be under their 'control', because, "everyone knows" they are
'trustworthy', while anyone who'd just work single-mindedly to do all
this stuff 'must be a bad character who'll use it to undermine
civilization, or something like that'.

2001-09-11 was the Fruits of their 'wanting to control everything',
now, they're even trying to blame all that on me. Dude.

You know - go figure, Dude.

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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