FSK, Vision, and the Brain

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Fri May 9 22:05:58 EST 2003


I am planning on developing a digital/brain interface. It uses FSK
[Frequency Shift Keying] signals. It is in a silicon-chip. This
silicon-chip is attached  to a subject's visual cortex [chip's
circuits connected to visual cortex's neurons]. The chip processes
FSK. The chip has information about the subject's visual cortex. In
order to produce the correct visual perception, it has to:

1. Convert to FSK information to a language the visual cortex can
2. Excite the correct region[s] of the visual cortex with the
compatible language.

My design acts by affecting negative neuronal ions in the visual
cortex with electrons. The digital electric signal is initially
FSK-modulated. This signal's format is then altered so that it can
communicate effectively with the visual cortex [by affecting its
neuron's negative ions].

Any hints accepted.



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