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| Why have I turned 'hard'?
| It stems from stuff that's happening offline.

Stuff that's been happening for decades.

| [...]
| The thing that's gotten my attention most completely is the
| Obfuscation' that's being heaped-up upon the U. S. Citizenry.
| With respect to such, I flat-out =WARN= those involved to =CEASE=
| such Immediately, or I'll flat-out bring-you-down.

There was a Conservative Pundit on the "Newshour" [PBS] tonight.
Since he brought it up, I'll run with it. He commented how it's said
that "Satan is a deceiver", and there's Truth in-there, but all I can
see, with Certainty, is that it's Truth with respect to the way that
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended, tends
to do nothing but Decieve.

Take what I'm doing in this 'heart'-breaking thread, for instance.
All I'm doing in it is Honoring Truth. Truth with respect to the way
that, no matter what I've tried, for decades, it's all been
'circumvented' - I've been to the FBI eleven times, during the last
couple of times, I explained that, since it is so obvious to me that
folks're 'afraid' of 'me', I asked that I be 'locked-up'
somewhere -"Throw away the key. I'll just work to give folks the
understanding from where ever it is that I'm 'locked-up'."

But they 'cannot' do such because some folks'd understand the
injustice of all that. So they go right on doing the same stuff,
anyway, literally starving me to death in the process - because they
know very well that, anyone who 'dares' to speak-out against their
seek-to-control-everything 'way' just looks, to casual observers, to
be a 'crazy' person.


Get it?

I don't know if it's 'Satan' that 'makes them do it', but I know,
with Certainty, that it is 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" [the
absence of understanding of how and why nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems that nevertheless do process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization] that's doing the Deception

You know, I do understand the Consequences inherent in the Admonition
that's quoted above. I do.

But what's the 'alternative' for me?

To be a 'good player'?

How, then, would anything alter?

Agree to Deceive, and one 'just' flat-out becomes a Deceiver, and
where, then, does that leave one?

How, then, can one actually 'move toward' Truth?

How can one who enters into an 'agreement' to Deceive, then, Honor

It doesn't compute.

I understand that my position seems 'unreasonable'. You know, "What's
wrong, Ken, with a little Lying that allows folks to 'save face'?"

Plenty. It's all spelled-out succinctly in my last post in the
"Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News" thread.

=Any= 'moving away from' Truth, =especially= when such seems
'trivial' =unfailingly= wreaks Rampant Savagery within Human
interactive dynamics.

That it's so is why I focused upon Kruschev's infamous shoe-pounding
comments at the U.N. - look at all they precipitated! Via the
"inductive learning" they instantiated, they precipitated the very
"inverting" [AoK, Ap4] of =everything= that America stands for.
'america' 'just' Learned the "inverted" 'lesson' inherent and went,
headlong, into forsaking all that it is. Look at us! We've become all
that we'd formerly stood-against, haven't we?

Yup. [It's =Huge=. If you study all that's entailed, you'll be
'stunned' at what's in-it.]

Such are the Awesome Costs inherent in 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization left uncomprehended.

I'm not 'insensitive' to folks need to 'save face'.

I'm =not=.

It's just that, when one comprehends the way nervous systems process
information, one sees flat-out-clearly that the =only= way that
'face' can actually be 'saved' is to =just= Honor Truth.

=Forgive= 'mis-takes', and. then, just =get-on with Doing= what lifts
Humanity up.

I've been over it and over it and over it. Forgiveness is the Key.
Nervous systems are not 'omniscient'. They are not all-knowing
'oracles' that see 'round the bend. The 'path' to Knowing is
'curved'. Our nervous systems have to =experience= the stuff of
'mis-takes' in order to Recognize the stuff of 'mis-takes' via the
same-stuff of 'just' more TD E/I-minimization.

The =only= thing that can muck-up these information-processing
dynamics that 'cradle' us in our Living is =Refusing= to =just= allow
them to happen.

And that's =exactly= what all of the supposedly-'trivial' 'moving
away from' Truth does.

Such doesn't 'save-face'. Good grief! Anyone with only 'half-a-brain'
can flat-out see all that's going on, and that the supposed
'saving-of-face' is nothing but a Charade that does nothing other
than perpetuate that which needs to be Fixed.

So, if what needs to be Fixed is, instead, perpetuated, where is
there anything good in that?


"But, Ken, can't you see that, if you just play along, you could be
in a position to work within the system, and thereby, actually
accomplish something, rather than just 'whining' about everything,
and creating enemies with your incessant harangues?"

I do see that I could, under such circumstances, at least feed and
shelter myself, but that'd probably be the full extent of it -
because I'd've actively entered into the perpetuating Deception,
wouldn't I have?


So, the thing that would 'control' all of my endeavors would be the
circumstance of my 'being under the thumb' of folks who were
interested in 'just' perpetuating the status quo.

Hell, I might as well have one of those "heart plugs" that the
"Harkonens" inserted into the hearts of their captured enemies [in
Frank Hebert's "Dune"]. I might as well tie a string to my
'heart-plug' and hand it over to the folks in 'control' so that they
could 'be at ease' with respect to my Being. "If you don't like
anything I do, just yank on this string."

You know?

What's 'wrong' with a Man just Living his Life with Honor?


What's 'wrong' with 'just' Being-Trustworthy in =that= way?


Who have I 'hurt'?

=No one.=

All I do is Honor Truth.

In the midst of my 'moving toward' Truth, folks 'move away from'
Truth, and are 'angry' with 'me' because they see, plain as day, that
their 'moving away from' Truth 'sticks out like a sore thumb'.

"It's [my] fault"

"Yeah, sure."

So, they'll Murder 'me'.

But all they're actually doing is Publicly Confessing.

I =DID NOT WANT= any of this.

I need none of it.

I Need to Honor Truth. Period.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's this about 'Public' anything, Ken. You
don't actually think that there's been any 'Public' anything, do

No, I don't.

It's why I'm feeling Free to just say and do what Needs to be said
and done.

So I'll be Murdered.

"Big deal."

"Life sucks, God - but Thank You for it."

I am Nothing if I 'move away from' Truth.

Humanity is Nothing if it 'moves away from' Truth.

'leadership' that 'moves away from' Truth renders Humanity Nothing.

How can one who Loves 'cooperate' in such?

One who Loves cannot 'cooperate' in such. Period.

I went to them, offering repeatedly, to submit to them - to be
'confined', on the condition that I be allowed to just continue

But I still would have only Honored Truth from within such

That was the best that I could do in the face of their 'need' to

And, as I write this, I have to 'smile'. They'll still not get-it.

They will.

And they'll ache for the understanding that they've 'burried'.

I'll continue to Ache for them, too, as I've Ached for them all
along - from one group to the next - naivete perpetuating naivete -
all the while 'moving away from' Truth, even as I did everything I
could to just 'hold open the door' to them.

So, yeah, these 'Hard' things have to be said, and sent-off to where
ever it is that they go.

The last 'scraps' of my pleading with them on their own behalves -
the last 'scraps' of my Honoring Truth.

Even this last Stuff, I give to them.

Life sucks, God - but Thank You for it, Love ken.

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