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| > Dude. I'm telling you that, before it was in all the major
| > it was in the work I did, and solely in the work I did, which
work I
| > sent out, decades ago, to my Colleagues in Neuroscience,
| > Authors of textbooks. [I did so in my efforts to drag myself in
| > of the cold', thinking that, if I showed them what was not yet in
| > their textbooks, they'd help me fnd readmission to 'the system' -
| > I gave them the understanding to witch you refer, you know, Dude?
| Oh, so if you know that this accepted now, then why did you say
| "That this has not been generally recognized"
| ?

Mainly because I can say, with Certainty, that I was including much
more than has been generally recognized, but if you look back through
a few of my replies, you'll see that I've already clarified "tense".

| And also, your a patronising man, you should see someone about

Perhaps. I'm worn pretty thin, so there're a =lot= of short-comings
dangling out of my Being these days.

But all I was actually doing was going in the 'spirit' of your "Dude"

Here's the basic reality: As of some 'time' between one and two
decades ago, I'd reached a 'point' at which, if I were Free to do
nothing else with the rest of my Life, I will not have been able to
even write down all that had been reified in the work I'd done by

Ever since, the 'load' has just accumulated more.

So, yes, I am 'pushing' certain fundamental things in the Hope that,
by doing so, I'll be able to 'transfer' the gist of it to others.

I do so 'Shamelessly', I admit.

It's just that it's the only 'path' that's been Open to me.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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