neuron modelling for information technology applications

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Sat May 10 09:23:54 EST 2003

There other resources available:
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> On 9 May 2003 03:24:37 -0700, chawlabs at (bs chawla) wrote:
> >i have been studying neurophysiology although i m an engineering post
> >graduate. i felt the neuron was a very exciting cell and wished if i
> >cud go a step ahead and make these computational neurons look more
> >biologically realistic.
> >i wud welcome suggestions from scholars already working in this area
> >and would request for guidance in further reading on this subject.
> >kindly suggest some good reading material on the NET itself as certain
> >books are very costly.
> >
> It looks like what you need is the Neuron model.
> See or

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