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FSK, Vision, and the Brain

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Sat May 10 19:09:36 EST 2003

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| Also, the way the game works is that you have
| to learn to be a player before you can participate.

Sad, but only 'true' be-cause the way in which groupwise TD
E/I-minimization dynamics Dictate such arbitrary 'moving away from'
Truth has not been generally-comprehended.

My favorite insight with respect to such is Lincoln's advice to Young
folks with respect to becoming a Lawyer [it's the opening test of
AoK, Ap7].

"If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the
thing is more than half done already. It is but a small matter
whether you read and study with anybody or not. I did not read with
anyone. Get the books and read and study them in their principle
features; and that is the main thing. It is of no consequence to be
in a large town while you are reading. I read at New Salem, which
never had more than three hundred people living in it. The books, and
your capacity for understanding them, are just the same in all
places. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is
more important than any one thing."

The spirit that Lincoln expresses has been 'dead and buried' in
American Science ever since the days of the "Manhattan Project's"
'big-science' 'success'. The 'funeral' was 'celebrated' in Vanavar
Bush's book, "Pieces of the Action".

But, that folks 'agree' that "this is the way things will be" in
Science has nothing to do with Truth, and everything to do with
groupwise TD E/I-minimization that's established with respect to
nothing more than their groupwise TD E/I-minimization.

Honestly, all is laid vividly-clear in the fact of the existence of
the work I've done.

Early-on, I was flat-out told that, if I didn't 'give up' on the
ideas I was pursuing, there'd be no way that I could continue on in
grad school.

I either had to 'become a player', and, thereby, 'Abandon Truth', or
follow Lincoln's Lead, and just do what needed to be done.

The results have been in AoK all along.

Linclon was Right.

The groupwise-TD E/I-minimization-coersed-consensus would've been
flat-out incapable of Resolving Neuroscience if I'd not 'escaped' it,
followed Lincoln's Lead, and did the Science.

It's why I led AoK, Ap7 with Lincoln's Brilliant Insight into
=Volition= [which is the topic of AoK, Ap7].

It's as you say, Richard, but it's =easily= Demonstrated that the
Dictates of groupwise coersed consensus flat-out =work-against=
'moving toward' Truth.

And, since the overall goal of all Science is to 'move toward' Truth,
there it is, the institutionalized 'shooting of itself in the foot'
that constitutes the 'membership credentials' of 'modern' 'science' -
B.S., refined and purified, and imposed within the 'doing of
science', in a way that actually Prevents the Doing of Science.

It rips-out my 'heart' that it's so.

Sad cheers, Richard, ken [K. P. Collins]

[P. S. I could not post to sci.electronics. kpc]

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