FSK, Vision, and the Brain

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| Hi again, Richard.
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| | >|a system using Cobol and binary coded decimal
| | >| numbers should work as effectively as anything
| | >| else, provided the design is proper.
| | >| [...]
| | >
| | >HURRAH!
| | >
| | >It's True!
| | >
| | >Cheers, Richard, ken [K. P. Collins]
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| | >[p. s. I could not post to sci.electronics.]
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| | Thanks, Ken, for the kind words.
| They were Deserved. Your comment was Cogent.
| | OK, so Cobol might be theoretically possible.
| | I would guess, though, that a small embedded
| | system would be programmed in assembler to
| | control some specialized digital signal processor
| | -- or maybe C or C++ depending on what CPU is
| | available.
| The specific implementation 'doesn't matter' [yet] because the main
| problem is just doing it in =any= way in which it can be done.
| Most of my own work in this regard remains only on-paper,

The =only= 'reason' for this is that my computers are routinely
externally-'hacked'. So I just do it all on paper, which cannot be

It's Hard. I'm =not at all= wanting to 'hide' anything, but all the
external-'hacking' [which I've Documented all along, BTW] just made
it clear that a =lot= of [seriously-adept] folks were hell-bent on
ab-using my work, so I just did what's necessary to 'shut them down'.

The other thing is that the external-'hacking' is, to me, very-much
like literally Being Raped.

After I detect its occurrence, there's an aura of 'Sulliness' that
makes it hard for me to return to working in the same 'place' - all I
experience is the =Savagery= of the 'Rape'. Such 'lifts me out of' my

So I just do it most of it on-paper, all 'coded' in a way that has
the single purpose of stimulating my own experience with respect to
this or that. [So, it'll do no one any good to steal the paper
[unless they share an exact copy of my experience, with respect to
which they could, then, achieve TD E.I-minimization with respect to
the contents of my "mountain of paper" But, then, I'd've Succeeded in
the only thing that actually matters to me, anyway - giving folks the
capablity to lift themselves up above 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization :-]

The stuff I've done on my PCs was all pretty-much done just to
present the external-'hackers' with an Illusion that'd prevent them
from actually Knowing anything with respect to my work.

I Learned the Necessity of such when I was given a private Military
'chaffeur' after having presented my paper on "A Self-Organizing
System" at the NRL in 1983.

While he was driving me around Washington, D. C., he reached into the
back seat, opened a brief case, and turned on a recorder.

I Learned right then and there, what the rest of my Life would be

And, right then and there, I just started giving external-'hackers' a
bunch of B. S.

I can spot them 'a mile away', and will be glad to Demonstrate such.

K. P. Collins

| but I can Demonstrate how and why it works.
| After that, implementation can be achieved in myriad ways, but they
| all remain the same-stuff [this's the main focus of AoK, Ap1, BTW
| [proplems having infinite-scope which confront nervous systems,
| nevertheless, resolve them in practically 'real time', and the
| architecture constraints inherent if a system is to be able to do
| such].
| All the implementations are just 'translations' - various
| 'language-interface' stuff with respect to the one system
| architecture that works.
| Of course, optimizing a technological approach by incorporating
| state-of-the-art hardward and software practice 'squeezes'-in
| increased capacity to usefully 'push-energy'.
| But Proof-of-Concept can be achieved in any way that does, in fact,
| Prove the Concept - it can even be done mechanically :-]
| Cheers, Richard, ken [K. P. Collins]

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