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FSK, Vision, and the Brain

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sun May 11 00:00:07 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| [...]
| I've =always= had to do everything that I do in a way that 'makes
| end run' around the external-'hackers'.
| [...]

"=always=" - since 1983, before that there were other analogous
things, but nothing that had the appearance of being
generally-organized - 'just' the stuff inherent in the ways that
folks 'normally' "climb onto other folks' backs".

I know this 'sounds too hard', but, to me, it's all 'just'
'unzipped-fly' stuff - I just See it.

It'd all come under the heading of 'normal' "collaboration" if it
weren't for the fact that I was on the giving end, hoping to 'break
through', but was never credited with respect to the work I did, and
shared, with folks on the 'receiving end' - so, where's the

And now, it's all come down to my just having to try to stay Alive.

Am I 'bad' because I do want to stay Alive?

Is that a 'Capital Crime'?

I know this 'sounds too hard', but I've tried every other way of
working-it-through, haven't I?

Yes, I have.

The Community of Science =needs= to be lifted-up above all such

Clearly, it's fallen to me to do that 'heavy-lifting'.

You know - there's Savagery all around Preying, unchecked, upon
Humanity - and all this B. S. that's built-right-into 'the system' is
turning a 'blind' eye upon it.

It's flat-out Shameful.

It's actually much-worse than 'Shameful'.

You know? I've been out-here for decades begging folks to just do
what needs to be done.

And folks've just 'burried their heads in the sand'.

Imagine all of this from my perspective - I've had to Live, daily,
witnessing the Savagery that's ameliorated in NDT's understanding
Ravaging Innocents - breeding War, 'denying' Hopes, thwarting Peace.

So, if I don't do what needs to be done, then it'd all be my Fault,
wouldn't it?


I =need=, and want, to meet with folks in-person.

=NOT= to 'badger' folks, but to =just= Do Science.

Anything else is just flat-out Unacceptable.

We've got to lift ourselves up above this Unworthy 'stuff' that's
'moved away from' Truth, allowing the Savagery to run-Rampant.

"Now, Ken, no one will ever talk to you."

No one has, what else is 'new'?

It's the work of 'the bease', "Abstract Ignorance" - ancient stuff,
handed-down, intergenerationally, Professor to Student, Perpetuated,
Institutionalized, 'blindly' and automatically 'willed' to continue
its Ravaging of Humanity.

It's a 'funny' thing, teetering on the brink of starvation - it
strengthens one's ability to say-it-plain. Each 'moment' becomes like
a Precious Jewel, and one becomes Aware of how important it is to
Live that 'moment' in the best-possible way.

It's what I'm trying to do.

I =Understand= that folks're 'blind', and that the stuff I've posted
'today' seems 'offensive'. I =Understand=.

It's just that, because of all that's entailed, =not= saying it would
be the only thing that I could do that would actually be Offensive.

Folks're Dying. Innocents are Suffering. Peace

It's 'time' to just Honor Truth.

K. P. Collins

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