smith predictor and the cerebellum

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Necessary CLARIFICATION below.

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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| | > I said: "this has not been generally recognized",
| | > and stand on that.
| |
| | Dude, its in all of the major modern textbooks
| | on neuroscience. Go get Principles of Neural
| | Science.
| Dude. I'm telling you that, before it was in all the
| major textbooks, it was in the work I did, and solely
| in the work I did, which work I sent out, decades ago,
| to my Colleagues in Neuroscience, including Authors
| of textbooks. [I did so in my efforts to drag myself in
| 'out of the cold', thinking that, if I showed them what
| was not yet in their textbooks, they'd help me f[i]nd
| readmission to 'the system' - but I gave them the
| understanding to witch you refer, you know, Dude?
| [...]

I also always explained why I was giving them [sending them] the
material, and why I sought their help.

If it's necessary, a lot, if not all, of such is Documented in
independently-Verifiable ways.

It's not my purpose to 'give folks headaches'.

I only want to Work-more, and my Work constitutes my =Credentials=.

So, if if folks deem it to be 'necessary' that I 'have to' do this
'unseemly' stuff that I'd rather not do, in order that I can
establish my Credentials in Neuroscience so that I can just Work-more
[and save my Life], then I'll do so - in-person.

You know?

All of my efforts have been in Good-Faith.

Tell me what I have to do, and I'll do it.

But I want to Live to Work-more.

I've Earned that much.

K. P. Collins

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