FSK, Vision, and the Brain - CLARIFICATION

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| The stuff I've done on my PCs was all pretty-much done just to
| present the external-'hackers' with an Illusion that'd prevent them
| from actually Knowing anything with respect to my work.
| [...]

CLARIFICATION: All of the little QBasic apps I've posted [and the
"Abundance on Wings" stuff at my 'website'] are Honest with respect
to work that I do. Their stuff is 'microscopic' with respect to the
whole, however.

I flat-out Love Computing, and it's been a take-my-breath-away Sorrow
that I've not been Free to just do it, fully, in my six PCs [it's
been like 'living' in a 'zone' of depleted oxygen].

It is done with Full-Proof only on-paper.

It's why I want [Need] to meet with folks in-person.

K. P. Collins

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