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FSK, Vision, and the Brain - CORRECTION

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Mon May 12 00:07:01 EST 2003

Seems I should explain, a bit, to folks who are naive with respect to
this 'heart'-breaking stuff.

I've reason to believe that these "offline" folks are also "online"
folks, and I just wanted to 'mark' the dynamics, and let them know,

It's like I said, my Life has been pure 'Hell' for a long 'time', and
I'm more active offline than I am online.

I'm Sorry about having to 'bother' naive folks, but I'm 'worn pretty
thin', and this's pretty much the only way that's left 'open' to me.

So, except for those to whom my comments are actually directed,
everyone else should just disregard' these last three posts [except
for, maybe, catching a glimpse with respect to the way I do
everything possible to 'hold-open-the-door' - in this case, I've just
'intercepted' a 'plan', and have let those involved know that it's a
non-starter. It's the best I can do].

I've tried to 'explain' all of this stuff in ways that cost me a lot,
but which've spared others any difficulties - like when I talk about
just flat-out 'seeing' 'unzipped-flies'. I'm just 'sensitive' in that
way. I had to acquire the capacity at an early age 'cause my Dad was
'Hard' - so I just had to Learn to work-around that. The result is
that I just 'see' stuff to which other folks are 'oblivious', or that
they 'think' is 'invisible' [it's not], categorize and classify it,
store it away forever. My memory is a 'bottomless-pit' with respect
to such stuff, and, ever since the 'Terrible Times' when I Learned
how to do it with respect to the Neuroscience experimental results,
the categorization and classification [cross-correlation, and
integration] just happen automatically :-]

In my work in Neuroscience, these capabilities are very useful. The
same categorization and classification just happens with respect to
everything I read, it all just falls into place via TD
E/I-minimization which continues over 'time' - it's the 'funniest'
thing - insights 'pop-up', and when I go to the Library, I'm
almost-always able to verify them in the raw experimental data.

It's been a hard-'life' [no Donna Reed], but my self-knowledge with
respect to these capabilities is why I Knew I had to do what needed
to be done.

I've wanted to disclose this stuff to folks, but, although I've
'beaten-around-the-bush' with respect to it, I haven't just said it,
because it sounds 'boastful'. It's not. It's just the way that I am.

But I realized that, if I'm going to just 'settle-things' with
respect to which most folks're naive, then I'd better tell at least
this much of what's going on.

I know it sounds like 'too-much' but it's not, really, and I can
always Verify anything that I broach Publicly.

While I'm 'Condemned' to be 'out-here' because no one will meet with
me in-person, I do have to 'swat things down' as is necessary.

It's not the way I am in real Life. In real Life, I'm like my Dad who
was like a 'sponge' with respect to the Hard stuff that happened to
him - if you sat with him, you could tell that he understood
everything in his Hard Life, but, otherwise, all the Hard stuff of
his Life was just 'invisible' to folks.

He was Hard, but he was walking-talking-Forgiveness.

All his 'Hardness' was was just his way of Loving - just his way of
making we were prepared to handle Life.

If anyone 'wonders', I Thank God for him.

If not for him, Neuroscience would still be a 'jungle',
all-jumbled-up. [Forgive me, Please - or don't - doesn't seem to make
any difference.

You know, I don't like to talk about stuff like this, but if I'm
going to have to be doing Difficult stuff, I have to provide this
'background' so, at least some, will not allow it to

I have extremely-strong Analysis 'skills', and, in addition to doing
Science with them, I use them to Counter Injustice.

Got the last Purpose from Mom.

It's still "Mother's Day" for me, so the Rembrance is fitting.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| |
| | [...]
| | To those involved, stand-by.
| | [...]
| To folks online, Please Ignor this post.
| To those offline:
| Better yet, =CEASE IMMEDIATELY=.
| I do not care that you are 'frightened'. It's of no Consequence.
| doing this stuff that =cannot possibly= 'serve' any 'purpose' that
| you actually =want= to 'serve'.
| K. P. Collins

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