Formal Challenges to the Neuroscience Community

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| [To ALL] Formal Challenge [1]: Find =anything= that's discussed in
| which was not already Proven in the Literature that existed when
| was written.
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Formal Challenge [2]: Find anything that I claimed to be reified for
the first time in AoKm that had any existence in the Literature prior
to the distribution of AoK. [There's a list in AoK's Preface, but be
careful - stuff like "Love" and "Hate", for instance, were
Newly-reified in AoK in terms of TD E/I-minimization-'directionality'
['moving toward' and 'moving away from', respectively, which includes
the neural topology, "ramp architecture", etc.]

My claims are solid, their significance is large - they flat-out
constitute the one-time-in-history integration of Neuroscience, yet
it's been 32 years, and no one in Neuroscience has ever said anything
one way or the other with respect to the stuff of these two Formal

Such doesn't compute.

K. P. Collins

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