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FSK, Vision, and the Brain

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Mon May 12 02:11:00 EST 2003


"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| [...]
| I Learned the Necessity of such when I was given a private Military
| 'chaffeur' after having presented my paper on "A Self-Organizing
| System" at the NRL in 1983.
| [...]

It wasn't 'fancy' - standard grey Ford sedan.

I called him a 'chaffeur' only because it all struck me as so
'weird'. I'd come to the conference almost broke, had been sitting in
the hotel lobby instead of paying for a room, and here I was, getting
driven around town rather than riding back on the bus.

When the driver reached into the back seat to turn on the recorcer it
just seemed too-much.

Zooming forward to today, along the same lines, it seems to me that
all folks've been doing is 'waiting' for me to become homeless, which
will happen soon.

It's really the only 'explanation' that, given what's been in AoK all
along, nothing's happened except a lot of 'heart'-breaking stuff.

But, before I go homeless, I'm going to have to take recourse in
Court of Law with respect to my going homeless, so folks should not
count on that.

Zooming back a couple of days, I detected stuff that might indicate
that I'd 'transgressed' some 'invisible line in the sand', and that
things 'broke-down-in-general', but only with respect to stuff that's
meaningless to me anyway. You know, folks can only hope for
best-possibilities for so long, then one's sights tend to slide back
down to the realistic end of the scale.

By now, everyone knows the score.

My 'sights' are set on getting NDT's understanding Communicated.

That's going to happen, with or without the cooperation of those who
I've considered to be my Colleagues in Neuroscience.

Folks who want to be involved are most-Welcome.

Folks should decide where their 'hearts' are with respect to this,
and, if you're not wanting to be associated with NDT's communication,
'you' should just 'go away' until after the dust settles.

It's the best I can do at this 'point'.

K. P. Collins

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