OT: KPC and b.n. (was:Re: Formal Challenges to the Neuroscience Community)

Christian Wilms usenet at out-of-phase.de
Mon May 12 07:23:17 EST 2003

BilZ0r <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote:

> Don't flatter yourself.
Actually I think it's quite cute. Either what one writes is a "personal"
attack or "I stand on what I have posted" is the only possible response
which KPC deems to be fitting. An arguement on a decent level is not
possible. As with many other people with their TRUTH-theories arguements
consist of coining new terms and using these. Read any post by KPC and
fish out the words that he and only he uses and what remains is next to
senselessness. That and a fullquote of the post he is refering to, which
most of the time is his own, so it containts several fullquotes with
different quote levels and all in all becomes very tediuos to read :-)
Thus further obscuring any content.

The use of new vocabulary wouldn't be as disturbing, if one could easily
find the first reference to it. But with over 1500 results for "'Kenneth
Collins' bionet.neuroscience" on Google this is a bit to tedious ...

just my 2 cents, Chris

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