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KPC and b.n. (was:Re: Formal Challenges to the Neuroscience Community)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Mon May 12 16:00:25 EST 2003

That you've done this in this Formal Challenge thread is

I'll discuss below.

"Christian Wilms" <usenet at out-of-phase.de> wrote in message
news:1fuunn7.1go3jitquq89uN%usenet at out-of-phase.de...
| BilZ0r <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote:
| > Don't flatter yourself.
| Actually I think it's quite cute. Either what one
| writes is a "personal" attack or "I stand on what
| I have posted" is the only possible response
| which KPC deems to be fitting.

What you've posted is =completely= False, Christian.

The facts is that I've restructured all of Neuroscience and Physics
while working in this NG.

I've done so with great Gentleness.

But some folks can only 'see' the method of my Gentleness, and not
the content of my discussions.

| An arguement on a decent level is not possible.

I don't disagree with you there. It's been 'frustrating' for me that
most folks here in b.n cannot actually think globally within
Neuroscience. I do. I always do. So, I see stuff that other folks
tend not to see, and discuss such stuff almost exclusively.

It's =not= anything 'mean-spirited' on my part. It's just that I want
to Teach folks in Neuroscience the importance of thinking globally,
and how to do it.

But this doing has been a pretty-'lonely' endeavor, because, for
years, all I got were rather savage attacks by folks who had not
bothered to read AoK. AoK is a 'tutorial' with tespect to doing
Neuroscience in a globally-integrated way. If folks don't read and
study AoK, it's hard for them to understand anything further that I

Seems you're a case in-point?

The other thing is, yes, I have 'turned-cynical'. It's gives me
Sorrow to have to admit this, but I have.

My circumstance is not unlike that of a strong and willing Dog that's
chained to an anchor point, and my activities here in b.n have been,
mostly, like other Dogs coming to Attack this chained-Dog.

All anyone has ever done is run in to 'nip at my heels' when I'm
dealing with something else - exactly like you have done in your post
to which I'm replying, here.

It's why I've asked to meet with folks in-person.

Seems there's no one who has access to b.n who will take that up.

And then, I have to endure the Ravaging of seeing the work I've done
being ripped-off by Professionals - you know - seeing Professionals
receiving the Salaries they receive through their 'plagerizing' of
the work I've done, and, for 14 years, [1974-1988] shared with
Professionals privately. I rewrote Neuroscience during those years of
Private Communications. I was asking for help in getting the work
Published, but what happened is that the Professionals 'just'
'helped' =themselves= to my work. It's the single most Savage
Collective act of 'plagerism' that's ever occurred within the History
of Science.

Part of it is 'my fault', because I have a self-effacing way, and I
expect that folks to whom I sent stuff to reacted to that without
comprehending all that was in what they stole from me. [It's
'hilarious', really, the Professionals were so Ignorant of their own
Literature, they couldn't appreciate the fullness of what their acts
of theft constituted.

It was only when the Revolution in Neuroscience that derived in the
thousands of letters I sent out in this Private way took off, that
folks in Neuroscience actually realized what they'd done.

They 'circled the wagons' - around that 'Dog' that's 'chained' to
it's post.

Folks've 'just' Agreed amongst themselves to Kill me, rather than
straighten-out this Sorrowful mess in which their 'plagerism' has

Oh, they'd be 'aghast' if I ever, say, walked up to them and asked,
"Hey, Man! Why are you Killing me?"

They wouldn't be able to See it as I See it - because they've
literally been feeding on the fruits of my work all along, while,
being out-here, literally Dying as a result of having done the work -
literally starving - literally being tossed out on the street - makes
it all quite plain to one that, through the absence of a simple
acknowledgement of the work that one has done, one is, in fact, being

I See it. Others probably don't.

So I've taken the opportunity, inherent, to teach folks about the
'blindness' that allows them to Kill a Man while remaining
'unconscious' to the fact that they are literally doing so.

I've done a =lot= of stuff, here in b.n, that just =needed= to be
done - most of it, exceedingly-hard stuff - stuff that' so hard to do
that just doing it fairly rips-out one's 'heart'.

It's 'funny' - I've been able to do this hard stuff because, when
they stole my work, the Professionals literally stole Life from me -
they stole my Family - my would-have-been-Loving-me-right-back Wife -
my Children - my Home - they Stole =Everything= from me that
'normally' makes Life endurable.

They 'just' Stole my Life - and left in that Ravaged 'state', I found
that doing the Difficult stuff was, for me, Doable - so I did it [as
much as I thought others could endure] - and I'm still working in
thet very same way - still doing all the Difficult stuff that Needs
to be Done, but which no one else can even See - even though I'm
litterally being Murdered by the Professionals who stole my work.

The rest of your post is Unworthy of comment, Christian, so I'll just
let it dangle.

K. P. Collins

| As with many other people
| with their TRUTH-theories arguements
| consist of coining new terms and using
| these. Read any post by KPC and fish
| out the words that he and only he uses
| and what remains is next to senselessness.
| That and a fullquote of the post he is
| refering to, which most of the time is his own,
| so it containts several fullquotes with
| different quote levels and all in all becomes
| very tediuos to read :-) Thus further obscuring
| any content.
| The use of new vocabulary wouldn't be as
| disturbing, if one could easily find the first
| reference to it. But with over 1500 results
| for "'Kenneth Collins' bionet.neuroscience"
| on Google this is a bit to tedious ...
| just my 2 cents, Chris

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