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Mon May 12 16:30:21 EST 2003

The stuff I've taken up in this thread is =HARD= to do, and I expect
it will be =HARD= for folks to read - it's just that it =Needs= to be
done - for the sake of the Science - else the Science will wallow
forever in useless 'guilt', and  that will literally force it to
'move away from' Truth unpon which the Survival of Humanity depends.

So, with what's left the dilapidated-heap of my Being, I have to
guide folks through the process of Forgiving themselves - I'm doing
it even for the folks who've stolen my Life, but I'm doing it,
mostly, for the Children - so that they'll not be Ravaged just
because there're a lot of wimp 'adults' at this 'point'.

The 'hard' part about Forgiveness, though, is that everything
entailed has to be feld-up right in the light of day, so that it's
'mis-take' stuff can, then, be understood, and, through such
understanding, overcome.

I've been working at this stuff for a little-while, and will continue
for a little-while.

Just remember what I'm doing is reaching into folks Lives and
removing stuff that will, otherwise, Savage them, and through them,
the Children.

Just remember what I'm doing, and, if at any 'pont' in my discussion
anyone 'thinks' that what I'm doing is Forgiveness, then speak right
up, and I'll explain, better, whatever it is that you don't

Then, I'll continue.

It'll be 'hard', but there'll be Joy in the end.

And, what the hell, I'm beat-to-a-pulp, already. so it's just as well
that it's fallen to me to do this stuff.

Life sucks, God - but Thank You for it, Love, ken

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