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Opioids and cancer

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Tue May 13 00:21:48 EST 2003

"Companies May Cooperate on Cancer Drugs", By ANDREW POLLACK


Quoting from The New York Times article:

"Any such cooperation on research would represent a radical shift for the drug industry. Numerous issues remain to be worked out, including those involving finances, intellectual property rights and potential antitrust problems."

"Robert Ingram, vice chairman for pharmaceuticals at GlaxoSmithKline, said pharmaceutical companies need to cooperate on drug development because drugs in the future will be tailored for patients based on their genetic makeup. In cancer in particular, he said, drugs will be designed to attack the particular genetic characteristics of a patient's tumor."

The main problem is the way that "functional-multiplexing" [AoK, Ap9] is driven with specific respect to experience - that is, the way that experience 'addresses' molecular-level 3-D energydynamics, and this problem is generalized across Humanity.

Folks just haven't gotten-it with respect to the fact that it's all 'just' 3-D energydynamics. 'genetic variation' is over-hyped. The variation that does occur takes the form of 'different' approaches to the 3-D energydynamics 'same'-stuff. If it weren't so, we'd not be able to interbreed across Humanity. 'Breeding', itself, is 'just' more 3-D energydynamics =experience=.

So, what they're proposing, as quoted above, is a 'wild-goose-chase' - it will yield information. It won't Solve the Problem that it's 'supposed' it will 'solve'.

The main problem can =only= be approached via the relative-order stuff that I've discussed elsewhere in this thread. Within such 'genetic variation' constitutes =just= more relative-order within molecular-'level' 3-D energydynamics within global 3-D energydynamics that are 'addressed' via experientially-derived 3-D energydynamics.

The net problem seems hard to get a handle on, but the relative-order approach is relatively-easy to automate.

The sooner it is, the better.

K. P. Collins

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| Or is that which you refer to as 'my romanticism' have more to do
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