Opioids and cancer - Relative-Order Method

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It's just another way in which to do any and all Maths. Just like any Maths, one has to learn how to do it [construct "biological mass" that's TD E/I-minimized and TD E/I-minimizing. with respect to doing it.

It's not some 'cult'-think stuff.

And, as I've discussed in prior posts to this thread, yje "relative-order" in-it is not some 'regimented', 'dictatorial' stuff.

That's just 'your' 'knne-jerk' response with respect to the verbal symbol, "order".

The Relative-Order Method just Recognizes that, if anything is to be 'comprehended' it's relative-'randomness' must be minimized - else, not only does one not 'comprehend' it, one literally can't even see it.

One cannot think its thought.

Get it?

It's not 'regimented', 'dictatorial' stuff.

It's just what brains are 'engineered' to do, and what they naturally do.

All 'normal' Maths is 'just' language-interface stuff that's constructed on top of brain's TD E/I-minimization dynamics.

Why 'bother', when all Maths can just be done in the brain's innate abstract 'language'?

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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  Why am I 'pushing' this "relative-order" stuff?

  Because it's what brains do, and I'm trying this way of lifting folks up in understanding with respect to what brains do.

  It's also the method I use in all of my Problem-Solving [of course there're myriad variations, and of course there's some Learning-how-to-di-it involved - one can't do it until one has developed "biological mass" with respect to doing-it].

  It's why I can't do anything - can't go for a walk in the same old place where I've walked hundreds of times, for instance - without discovering Earth-shaking New-Stuff.

  My Living is a Flood like this - a Flood of useful new-stuff ["all dressed-up, and nowhere to go :-]

  I'll gladly Demonstrate.

  As one 'grows' in one's capacity to use the "relative-order" method, one just Sees the Universe through 'new eyes' - stuff that was, formerly, 'invisible just becomes Visible - one can just See it. 

  Please let me come to 'you', in-person, and show you this stuff, and the g'zillion other things that I've been 'waiting' for folks to let me show them.


  ken [K. P. Collins]

  "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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