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Opioids and cancer

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 14 02:12:22 EST 2003

Update color.

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  I don't know enough to comment on how to fit the necessary oxygenation into this 'diaphram' design, but I don't like the 'spinning-wheel' approach that's depicted at the SMU URL. The 'spinning-wheel' approach is too mechanically-'violent' - introduces too large an order-differential [test it as above [two-portion blood sample], and folks'll see such.].

  On further consideration, the problem with oxygenation in heart-lung machines seems to be that they try to do it mechanically - vs. the 3-D energydynamics way it occurs within Living lungs. This's a hard problem, but it might be possible to make some useful progress through recourse to just membrane-permeability stuff(?).

  Pass the blood through a thin 'sheet zone in the machine, while subjecting it to 'appropriately'-pressurized oxygen. Maybe this could be reiteratively-staged, with a oxygenation-measuring 'gate' that allows blood out of the reiterative process(?). [What would be 'appropriate' pressurization would have to be determined experimentally, again with recourse to the relative-order method.]

  The goal remains to do what's necessary while remembering to, "First, do no harm." [Hippocrates] to the molecular-'level' 3-D energydynamics.

  Perhaps this 'pressurized' approach could be usefully-augmented by incorporating engineered versions of the in-vivo molecular 3-D energydynamics that occur in lungs(?) [really out of my depth, here - I've never studied lung-function.]

  K. P. Collins
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