What's in 'Order'?

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Wed May 14 02:54:31 EST 2003

That folks 'knee-jerk' with respect to "order" is
Sorrowfully-'funny', so I'll remove the 'Sorrow' in this post.

I'm not a fan of Ballet, but back when he was in his prime, I caught
a performance of his on PBS, and 'thrilled' at the dancing of

In his leaps, he seemed to 'defy' Physics, so I studied them.

What I concluded was that, as he leaped, he varied the conformation
of his body in a way that countered the dictates of 'gravity', which
embodied a wonderful illusion of his 'defying gravity', and, in a
way, he 'was' - he was not =actually= "defying" 'gravity', of course,
but he was definitely 'thumbing his nose at it' :-]

And out of such, comes the Joy that he was able to share with his

What's the 'point'?

The Freedom-of-expression that the Dancer achieved derived in his
extraordinary ability to achieve =Order= within the neural dynamics
that were occurring within his nervous system - not only with respect
to motor function, but in the underpinning cognititive analysis
through which he flat-out nailed the Physics of 'gravity' so he could
imbue his Performance with it's Joy-Filled 'thumbing of its nose' at

=This= is the Worth, and the Reality of Order within nervous
systems - convergence upon Precision within purpose that is the
Ultimate Essence of Freedom of Action.

Get it?

It's =disorder= that sucks Freedom out of Living - that Dictates that
this or that 'is impossible' - that Dictates to folks that they
'cannot do' this or that.

Disorder Dictates in this way because its Essence is Randomness, and
to the degree that 'randomness' is present, nothing useful can be

Disorder is the Dredful stuff.

Order is Freedom Actualized - just like in Barishnikov's Dancing.

Get it?

It's so 'unfortunate' that the term, "order" has had so much
'excess-baggage' heaped within its 'familiar' connotation - there's
and awesome groupwise-agreed-upon self-deception, or 'delusion' - a
'moving away from' Truth - inherent.

This 'delusion' derives in a coersed-consensus =forcing= of
"volitional diminishing-returns decision" thresholds to be set
'conveniently'-low within everyday interactive dynamics - it's all
'just' more 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

In everyday affairs, such tends toward practical 'expediency', but
the 'delusion' spills-over because its groupwise-coersed force tends
to be 'blindly' and automatically extended with respect to folks who
[like me] are working in the relatively-rarified realms at which
progress in 'moving toward' Truth actually occurs - the result being
hat anyone who simply wants to do the work inherent in 'moving
toward' Truth gets 'ganged-up-on' by folks who react to such work as
if it's just more everyday stuff that needs to be 'controlled' with
respect to the Dictates of what has become merely 'familiar' within
groupwise-coersed interactive dynamics.

Get it?

It's why folks tend to Murder 'Profhets' [folks who reach beyond the
status quo].

So, when 'you' experience this artificailly-coersed 'negative' [and
flat-out-False] connotation of "order" arising within 'your'
reactions with respect to this or that, try to remember the
discussion of the order that underpins Barishnikov's Dancing, OK?

Don't 'cave' to the Dictates of coersed-consensus stuff. They are
'just' 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" - 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended, and occurring within 'your'
nervous system.

'You' are made of stuff that's much-better than all that.

Order within nervous systems is the Fundamental-Essence of

It is the Fundamental-Essence of Freedom.

It is the 'window' through which Truth can be seen.

Don't be deluded by unworthy and False coersed-consensus.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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