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What's in 'Order'?

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 14 03:17:25 EST 2003

"Prophets" :-]

One more thing: I 'seek' disorder - Live within it - because that's
where the Work of discerning Truth can best be accomplished.

Disorder has it's 'usefulness' :-]

It's just that it's 'usefulness' is with respect to reising above it.

Get it?

Anyway, distinguish between 'order for the sake of 'order' :-[
and what Order actually means with respect to Freedom of Action :-]

I can go into disorder unscathed be-cause I've done the work inherent
in imbuing my nervous system with order.

Get it?

It's another way of looking at what AoK [NDT] is all about.

Folks give themselves over to Savagery be-cause they've not
'innoculated' themselves against everyday occurrences of disorder
that they encounter.

TD E/I(up) is 'just' augmenting disorder within one's nervous system.
When such crosses a global threshold, nervous systems 'blindly' and
automatically "go amydgalar" [AoK, Ap5], and Savage interactive
dynamics ensue.

NDT is all about eliminating the disorder within folks' understanding
of how nervous systems work - so that folks can, then, just do what
needs to be done when they encounter experiential disorder within
their Living - instead of 'fling off the handle'.

Get it?

[CAVEAT: Until you do understand, =do not= seek disorder. [See the
discussion of the "zone of randomness" in AoK, Ap4]. First build
"biological mass" that embodies understanding with respect to how
nervous systems work. The Community of Neuroscientists has to do all
that's entailed =first=, which is why I'm here in b.n, addressing my
Colleagues in Neuroscience with respect to the Need to Do
Neuroscience on behalf of Humanity.]

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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