Antidepressants in childhood: danger???

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| The concept of 'ciradian pacemaker' is less-than-Worthless, because
| it actually blocks understanding of how nervous systems process
| information.
| It's just Wrong.
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What about the so-called "rhythms" ["theta", "alpha", "gamma", etc.]?

They are all just "False finitizations" [AoK, Ap4].

To See such requires thinking-globally [doing Neuroscience with
respect to global nervous system function] with respect to global 3-D

Any TD E/I-minimization 'dynamic' is actually myriad TD
E/I-minimization dynamics occurring simultaneously in a
massively-parallel way.

What the so-called 'rythms' are are cross-individual-TD
E/I-minimization-dynamic relative TD E/I-minima.

Within such, individual TD E/I-minimization dynamics are being
continuously added, which means that the =overall=
least-potential-energy 'well' ["U"] will 'hover' about a global

When one records from such, if one doesn't comprehend the TD
E/I-minimization array-processor dynamics as they are discussed in
AoK, Ap5, all one sees is the =grouped= massively-parallel
phenomenon, and this 'embodies' the =illusion= of 'rhythm' as the
grouped TD E/I-minimization dynamics 'average-out' their
"ratchet-pawling" [AoK, Ap5] TD E.I(min)-overshoot dynamics.

When one looks, one sees the same-stuff all overthe place within
everyday phenomena. There are exactly-analogous 'rhythms' that are
observable in the ambulatory dynamics of the people walking on the
crowed sidewalks of New York City, for instance. or in Grand Central
Station - or in any such place. In Physics 'oscilons" are exactly the
same-stuff - intermingled individual dynamics all 'seeking'
least-potential-energy viewed on-average because they're viewed

Get it?

The so-called "rhythms" are illusory False finitizations.

It's all 'just' TD E/I-minimization with respect to global,
Topologically-Distributed [3-D] energydynamics.

The so-called "rhythms" are =just= artifacts of TD E/I-minimization
left uncomprehended.

Remove the 'blindness'.


K. P. Collins

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