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Some Behavioral 'Relativity'

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 14 04:16:03 EST 2003

You know?

I =wanted= to do the stuff I've been diong =in-'private= - in some
quiet place where folks just Love Neuroscience.

But that opportunity was not forthcoming, so I've had to do it
'publicly' here 'in b.n'.

So, now, "I'm the `bad-guy`"?

Now I'm 'too much of an embarassment' to ever be allowed to co-mingle
with my Colleagues in Neuroscience?

I'm 'forever banned' because I had to do Neuroscience in the only way
that was left open to me?

I'm 'unworthy' because, "Look at what [I've] done to the state of
neuroscience" ...?

What could I have done otherwise?

"You could have been much less condemning, Ken."

I Agree.

It's always been =Hard= for me to 'criticize' others. Doing such
runs-counter to everything that's within me. It's in-me not to do
such. So, when I have to do it, it's always after I've
really-worked-hard to avoid having to do it. So it comes out of me in
an overly-strong way.

I Apologize for what have been the ramifications of this Flaw(?) in
my Character.

That said, I've still got the 90% that remains to be discussed, will
there, still, be no opportunity to work with some small group of
folks who just Love Neuroscience?

Will I be 'stretched on this rack' forever?

You know?

Why it 'angers' me is that it seems to me that folks've 'analyzed' my
Being, and are taking unfair advantage of the fact that it is 'Hard'
for me to 'criticize' - so folks're just making me do that(?) The
'payoff' being that I'm left 'squirming' on what is, for me, a 'bed
of hot-coals' - and 'squirming' is 'squirming'.

Just seems unfair. My request was so small - and it was not, in the
main, on my own behalf. I just didn't want to have to do these things
'Publicly', and still don't. That it's so is what AoK's Epilogue has
been about all along.

It's Truth that Matters, not all of the superfluous stuff that's
'attached' to 'forced' dynamics.

Will you Forgive my Trespasses?

Or will I have to 'trespass', and 'die', more?

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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