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What's in 'Order'?

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Wed May 14 04:39:59 EST 2003

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:pYmwa.155069$ja4.7409711 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
> "Prophets" :-]
> One more thing: I 'seek' disorder - Live within it - because that's
> where the Work of discerning Truth can best be accomplished.
> Disorder has it's 'usefulness' :-]
> It's just that it's 'usefulness' is with respect to reising above it.
> Get it?
> Anyway, distinguish between 'order for the sake of 'order' :-[
> and what Order actually means with respect to Freedom of Action :-]
> I can go into disorder unscathed be-cause I've done the work inherent
> in imbuing my nervous system with order.
> Get it?
> It's another way of looking at what AoK [NDT] is all about.

Some particularly massive, elaborate, and euphemistic cases of "ideas as
opiates" can be likened to super-large sponges that soak up (or
sophisticated circuits that buffer) and safely redistributes the real-time
reverberations of (CURSES caused by) long since ceased SHITS (trauma).

> Folks give themselves over to Savagery be-cause they've not
> 'innoculated' themselves against everyday occurrences of disorder
> that they encounter.
> TD E/I(up) is 'just' augmenting disorder within one's nervous system.
> When such crosses a global threshold, nervous systems 'blindly' and
> automatically "go amydgalar" [AoK, Ap5], and Savage interactive
> dynamics ensue.

Not in every case do pressure-sensitive neural "valves" assure that an
"overload" [excessive TD E/I(up)] gets shunted ("down-shifted") to primitive
and usually less than appropriate flight, fight, feeding, or fornicating,
focuses of actention (behaviours).

That is to say, sometimes the pressures causes our neuropsychological pipes
to crack. According to hear-say, more readily so if a thus high-pressured
person smokes pot.

> NDT is all about eliminating the disorder within folks' understanding
> of how nervous systems work - so that folks can, then, just do what
> needs to be done when they encounter experiential disorder within
> their Living - instead of 'fling off the handle'.
> Get it?
> [CAVEAT: Until you do understand, =do not= seek disorder. [See the
> discussion of the "zone of randomness" in AoK, Ap4]. First build
> "biological mass" that embodies understanding with respect to how
> nervous systems work. The Community of Neuroscientists has to do all
> that's entailed =first=, which is why I'm here in b.n, addressing my
> Colleagues in Neuroscience with respect to the Need to Do
> Neuroscience on behalf of Humanity.]

Yes, traumatic truths can, if connected-to *too* straight, and/or to soon or
suddenly, can cause
one to blow one's cap (go crazy).

You are right, that for many people (being in the overall/total
life-situation they individually are), it takes a lot of mental muscle to
remain (anywhere from mostly mentally to mostly motor-wise and
constructively/productively/profitably to
destructively/unproductively/unprofitably) AEVASIVEly bent.

It is what kind of self-regulatory style being used in 'dealing' with SHITS
come CURSES -- whether it is EPT (in one way or another) or "inEPT" - that
counts AFAIAC. %-}



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