FSK, Vision, and the Brain

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| > I heard once that someone somewhere somehow
| > got a neuron to adhere to a silicon chip, and that
| > the next stage would be for them to communicate
| > with each other.
| There were a lot of presentation at the 49th meeting
| of the Americal Vacuum Society about oriented
| neural growth and interfacing with electrodes. I can
| be done, but it's neither trivial nor reliable (having the
| neuron grow along an electrode does not mean it will
| make an electrical connexion).
| A short summary of the presentation I attended is available
| at http://mmyotte.free.fr/chua/avs_summary.pdf, which provides
| some names/web pages/litterature references on the topic.
| Jean-Michel

"Wired to the Brain of a Rat, a Robot Takes On the World", By ANNE


I stand on what I've posted in this and other related discussions in
bionet.neuroscience, but, if the folks whose work is discussed in the
article put 'blindly'-automated computer-calculated TD
E/I-minimization 'between' the cultured, monitored neural activation
and the feedback, including 'TD E/I(up)' and 'TD E/I(down)' simulated
'environmental reactivity' [coincident with 'correct' and 'incorrect'
network responses, respectively], they'll achieve their desired

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