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Consciousness was Re: Nerve interface

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 15 04:54:15 EST 2003

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| | [...]
| | I'm also fascinated by the "phantom limb" phenomenon, and I think
| | it'd be neater than a rat to see if a phantom limb makes a
| | photograph image.
| My view on the "phantom limb" phenomenon,
| which is also not yet accepted by others [I hope
| only because I'm sharing it for the first time,
| here :-] is that the phenomenon is the result of
| globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization that is
| occurring with respect to the plastic take-over
| of the 'disconnected' cortical 'spaces' that were
| formerly correlated to the severed limb's
| functionality - as the plastic take-over occurs,
| there's still neural architecture ["biological mass"[,]
| AoK, Ap5] in-there that's correlated to the former
| limb-functionality. The result is a lot of novel neural
| activation [it's like a little neural 'battle-ground'],
| and 'normal' TD E/I-minimization still occurs with
| respect to this novel activation, and works to
| achieve globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization
| with respect to it. The waining of the "phantom
| limb" experience over 'time' reflects the 'tide' of
| the 'battle' for the cortical spaces within the plastic
| take-over.
| [...]

That the =exactly= analogous thing happens, groupwise, within
'normal' organically-intact nervous systems with respect to
'competition' between long-'familiar' ideas and newly-reified ideas,
provides an Excellent view into Consciousness.

These are the dynamics of "paradigm shifts" [after T. S. Kuhn] as
they occur within Science, for instance.

The 'same' 'battle-ground' neural activation dynamics [in NDT, "3-D
energydynamics" or "topologically-distributed order-dynamics"], that
I discussed in my previous post [quoted above] occur in 'normal'
groupwise nervous system "paradigm shift" dynamics, only it's
"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] pertaining to the old, long-'familiar'
=idea= that's analogous to the 'losing' neural architecture that's
lost its i/o capabilities due to the severing of the limb.

One can see the externally-observable behavioral manifestations,
which always show progression that's rigorously-correlated  to the
progression of the "paradigm shift", and which are =exactly=
analogous to the progression of the waining of the 'phantom limb'
phenomenon, for an =exactly= analogous reason. [For folks who have
AoK, this is another view into the dynamics of "rendering useless" as
they are discussed in Ap8.]

The dis-integration of "biological mass" with respect to the
long-'familiar' idea occurs because, and to the degree to which, the
idea looses the neural-activation 'support' that derived in the
idea's relative experiential-dominance, and which formerly took the
form of groupwise behavioral manifestations that coincided with TD
E/I-minimization that was correlated to the long-'familiar' 'idea'.

To See such, one often needs to study it with recourse to History
[Ptolemaic Astronomy's False 'Earth-centric' position held sway
within groupwise behavioral dynamics for a thousand years, for
instance. Copernican Astronomy's more-functional Sun-centered
position took hundreds of years to supplant the Ptoemaic 'idea'.]

"Paradigm shift" and 'phantom limb' dynamics are =exactly= analogous,
and [for those who've followed my discussion of NDT] both reduce
directly to TD E/I-minimization.

When one looks at [studies] the external observables of "paradigm
shift" through the 'lens' of the functional Neuroanatomy, one can,
literally, See the underpinning neural dynamics which are =exactly=
analogous to the 'phantom limb' neural dynamics that I discussed in
my previous post.

This Seeing is literally, a form of =vision= as it occurs within
deep-Consciousness, which is why I felt OK about sending this
discussion over to my Friends [I Hope :-] in sci.med.vision. It's
relevant with respect to visual-Consciousness, and Consciousness in


=Groupwise= 'visual-Conciousness.

A view into the way that Humanity constitutes a single Huge
'organism' :-]

This discussion goes on forever, but I'll 'pause' here so folks can
work on Seeing the =exactly= analogous "paradigm shift"/'phantom
limb' neural dynamics. They reflect stuff that's Fundamental within
all of Consciousness.

K. P. Collins

[p. s. I could not post to sci.electronics.]

 "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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