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What's in obfuscation'?

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 15 18:42:17 EST 2003

Peter, either discuss the functional Neuroanatomy, or let us,
henceforth, go our separate ways.

I'm =WORKING= to explicate the functional Neuroanatomy.

Your posts make no sense to me because. without ever discussing the
functional Neuroanatomy, you insert them within my discussion of the
functional Neuroanatomy.

You know?


As far as I've been able to discern, you're on an uncorrelated

If you want to have a 'lark', start your own threads, and
'lark'-away. but your continual interruption of the =WORK= I'm doing,
without ever discussing the functional Neuroanatomy, is offensive in
the extreme.

I am not 'suffering' some weak-kneed 'obfuscation'.

I'm =just= trying to do what needs to be done =without= ruining
anyone's Career.

You seem to be 'blaming' 'me' for just wanting to work-around all of
the Sorrowful stuff that's happened without doing to others what
they've done to me.

Yes, I'm all 'beat-up', but, no, I do not want 'revenge'.

So, all that's left to me is to 'work-around' all the Sorrowful stuff
that's transpired.

It's 'hilarious' to me that you seem to 'take-offense' at that.

It's Hard-to-Do, and is the Finest stuff I do.

But you seem to 'think' that I'm not-hurting others 'because'
'hurting-others' is 'the thing to do'.

It isn't.

That folks commonly do such derives in nothing more than the fact
that folks have commonly done such.

I do not do such, unless I'm Required to do such through 'decisions'
that occur outside of my Being.

I prefer to work-around the Sorrowful stuff, instead of heaping more
of it up in ways that're Destructive within other folks' Living.

I understand that I'm 'different' in this way.

I understand that it makes doing my work more-difficult.

I Accept the added difficulty.

I'd appreciate it if you'd stop 'being-offended' that I am the way
that I am.

At any rate, discussion your might offer with respect to the
functional Neuroanatomy will interest me, but =STOP= interrupting my
work without addressing the functional Neuroanatomy.

You know?

I'm =WORKING= Peter.

I'm not 'playing tiddlywinks'.

K. P. Collins

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