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Anyway, because the =exactly= analogous "paradigm shift"/'phantom
limb' neural dynamics do reflect stuff that's Fundamental within all
of Consciousness, the 'phantom limb' dynamics can be studied over the
term of the waining of the 'phantom limb' phenomenon via
'time'-lapsed brain scans.

Doing this will literally yield a 'movie' of how the 'phantom limb's
relatively-small scrap of Consciousness happens.

Then, via myriad variations of the stuff I discussed in my previous
post, General Consciousness can be viewed through the same 'movie',
although there'll be other stuff that's integrated [it's all
integrated in the same way - via global TD E/I-minimization].

[I did all of this nearly a decade ago in the ol' noggin' lab, and
will be glad to have a chaulkboard session that presents it all at
'your' place.]

Everything needed to do so has been in AoK, and the Refs cited in
AoK, all along.

Because Nervous systems are "never at rest" [after Isaac Newton], but
alter with experience, the discussion goes on forever - but, through
the 'lens' of TD E/I-minimization [the Topologically-Distributed
minimization of the sums of the ratios of Excitation to Inhibition],
it's all the same-stuff.

"Consciousness" is really pretty straightforward, after TD
E/I-minimization within the globally-integrated functional
Neuroanatomy is comprehended.

It's 'funny', though, after such comprehension, Consciousness
'expands' immensely [the "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] that literally
embodies such comprehension lifts nervous system function to a whole
'new' level.

K. P. Collins

[P. S. "AoK" refers to a ms. entitled, "On the Automation of Knowing
within Central Nervous Systems: A Brief Introduction to
[Neuroscientific] Duality Theory" [NDT]. Among other things, AoK
describes how  and why creativity, curiosity, volition, and provides
concrete biological mechanisms for them, all of which reduce directly
to the proven Neuroscience experimental results. I send an old
hypertext version of AoK, gratis, to anyone who wants it. [About 350k
attachment, runs under MSDOS[tm] or Windows[tm].]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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| | | [...]
| | | I'm also fascinated by the "phantom limb"
| | | phenomenon, and I think it'd be neater
| | | than a rat to see if a phantom limb makes
| | | a Kirlian photograph image.
| |
| | My view on the "phantom limb" phenomenon,
| | which is also not yet accepted by others [I hope
| | only because I'm sharing it for the first time,
| | here :-] is that the phenomenon is the result of
| | globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization that is
| | occurring with respect to the plastic take-over
| | of the 'disconnected' cortical 'spaces' that were
| | formerly correlated to the severed limb's
| | functionality - as the plastic take-over occurs,
| | there's still neural architecture ["biological mass"[,]
| | AoK, Ap5] in-there that's correlated to the former
| | limb-functionality. The result is a lot of novel neural
| | activation [it's like a little neural 'battle-ground'],
| | and 'normal' TD E/I-minimization still occurs with
| | respect to this novel activation, and works to
| | achieve globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization
| | with respect to it. The waining of the "phantom
| | limb" experience over 'time' reflects the 'tide' of
| | the 'battle' for the cortical spaces within the plastic
| | take-over.
| | [...]
| That the =exactly= analogous thing happens,
|groupwise, within 'normal' organically-intact nervous
| systems with respect to 'competition' between long-
| 'familiar' ideas and newly-reified ideas,
| provides an Excellent view into Consciousness.
| These are the dynamics of "paradigm shifts" [after
| T. S. Kuhn] as they occur within Science, for instance.
| The 'same' 'battle-ground' neural activation dynamics
| [in NDT, "3-D energydynamics" or "topologically-
| distributed order-dynamics"], that
| I discussed in my previous post [quoted above] occur
| in 'normal' groupwise nervous system "paradigm
| shift" dynamics, only it's "biological mass" [AoK,
| Ap5] pertaining to the old, long-'familiar' =idea=
| that's analogous to the 'losing' neural architecture that's
| lost its i/o capabilities due to the severing of the limb.
| One can see the externally-observable behavioral
| manifestations, which always show progression
| that's rigorously-correlated  to the progression of
| the "paradigm shift", and which are =exactly=
| analogous to the progression of the waining of
| the 'phantom limb' phenomenon, for an =exactly=
| analogous reason. [For folks who have AoK, this
| is another view into the dynamics of "rendering
| useless" as they are discussed in Ap8.]
| The dis-integration of "biological mass" with
| respect to the long-'familiar' idea occurs because,
| and to the degree to which, the idea looses the
| neural-activation 'support' that derived in the
| idea's relative experiential-dominance, and which
| formerly took the form of groupwise behavioral
| manifestations that coincided with TD E/I-
|minimization that was correlated to the long-'familiar'
| 'idea'.
| To See such, one often needs to study it with
| recourse to History [Ptolemaic Astronomy's False
| 'Earth-centric' position held sway within groupwise
| behavioral dynamics for a thousand years, for
| instance. Copernican Astronomy's more-functional
| Sun-centered position took hundreds of years to
 supplant the Ptoemaic 'idea'.]
| "Paradigm shift" and 'phantom limb' dynamics
| are =exactly= analogous, and [for those who've
 followed my discussion of NDT] both reduce
| directly to TD E/I-minimization.
| When one looks at [studies] the external
| observables of "paradigm shift" through the
|'lens' of the functional Neuroanatomy, one can,
| literally, See the underpinning neural dynamics
| which are =exactly= analogous to the 'phantom
| limb' neural dynamics that I discussed in
| my previous post.
| This Seeing is literally, a form of =vision= as it
| occurs within deep-Consciousness, which is why
| I felt OK about sending this discussion over to my
| Friends [I Hope :-] in It's relevant
| with respect to visual-Consciousness, and
| Consciousness in general.
| See?
| =Groupwise= 'visual-Conciousness.
| A view into the way that Humanity constitutes a
| single Huge 'organism' :-]
| This discussion goes on forever, but I'll 'pause'
| here so folks can work on Seeing the =exactly=
| analogous "paradigm shift"/'phantom
| limb' neural dynamics. They reflect stuff that's
| Fundamental within all of Consciousness.
| K. P. Collins
| [p. s. I could not post to sci.electronics.]
|  --
|  "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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