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"mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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| There seems to be a central paradox in Ken's
| claim that his work has been plagiarized; If the
| work has been ripped off by scientists for the
| last [31 years 9 months] then, given its claimed
| worth, this knowledge will have become widely
| disseminated amongst academics.  I shall
| assume that scientists in the majority understand
| what they say and write which leads to the
| conclusion that a large proportion of the
| neuroscientific community understands
| Ken's work (AoK).  If this is the case, then his
| task of teaching the world his theory has
| already been done.  Ken might not be
| acknolwedged as the genius he ought, but
| he claims that personal glory is not his aim.

Here's what's been going on:

Folks havee taken my work as if it had been Formally Published,
without crediting it's source [NDT], but to 'disguise' all that,
they've not acknowledged the worth of this new approach to
Neuroscience with respect to "man's inhumanity to man", because doing
so would point directly back to 'me', which would disclose their
having taken my work without Crediting it.

It's =this Abandonment of Humanity= to the Dictates of 'the beast'.
"Abstract Ignornace" that is what Really-Matters to me.

Yes, a Man who has worked, and who has Successfully produced Results
such as those I have produced, should be able to feed and shelter
himself, and I've 'anger' that, because Professionals have taken my
work without Crediting it, I cannot feed and shelter myself, but that
circumstance is =not= the main thing.

The main thing is that, for the sake of 'their own skins',
'professionals' have taken my work, and to 'disguise' such, they've
refused to do on bhalf of Humanity what's right-there in the work
they've taken. They're putting their 'professional' butts before the
Needs of Humanity.

=This= is what =Requires= me to set things straight, not the fact
that I cannot feed and shelter myself. The latter makes my jaw
hang-down, but with respect to the former, I've

Still, I've been Working to Fix the Damage done in the former
[Jackass] stuff =without= seeking 'Retribution'. This's Hard to do
because it's so Easy for 'professionals' to 'deny' the worth of the
Work of an Amateur. The system in which 'professionals' operate is
tacitly-'engineered' to operate in their favor, and against folks
like me.

Still, I =Will= bring-forward NDT's Worth with respect to Humanity's
Survivel [if I'm not Murdered first], not only with Secondary
emphasis with respect to myself, but with respect to my Colleagues in
Science who have been Victimized by those who have Abandoned the
Ethics of Science. There are many such Innocent Victims of what has
been the self-seeking Treachery of the relatively few. My Colleagues
who've remained in the 'dark' with respect to NDT have been
Victimized by the Treachery of the relatively-few 'professionals' who
have Abandoned the Ethics of Science. This is, Clearly, implicit
within what has been the 'strategy' of those who have Abandoned the
Ethics of Science. I also Work, Constantly, on behalf of these
Innocents who've been so Victimized by folks who've Abandoned the
Ethics of Science.

Is this sufficient explanation of what has been my approach to doing
what Needs to be Done?

| To Ken:  If all you claim is proven by data
| past and present, will you show how?

Such has been, extremely-very-much-more-than-sufficiently, right in
AoK all along.

| For example, this mechanism of TDE/I business.  For me at
| least, of the nomenclature you have developed this is the easiest
| penetrate - I can sort of envisage what you are talking about.
| Neurophysiological records are abundant in the literature.

Yes, I am, but I am also [mainly] discussing the globally-integrated
=Synthesis= of such "Neurophysiological records", and this Synthesis
was uniquely-introduced in the Work that I've Done. With respect to
such, AoK is still at least 20 years ahead of the Contemporaneous
Literature, and NDT itself is immensely-moreso.

| Will you cite a paper that shows TD E/I
| minimization?

"Spectral Analysis of Low Frequency Components in the Electrical
Activity of the Hippocampus During Learning", by Z. Elazer and W. R.
Adey, Electroencephlography and Clinical Neurophysiology, Amsterdam,
1967, Volume 23, pp. 225-240 [which is Referenced in the section of
Aok, Ap5 that discusses hippocampla function.

This Ref. flat-out presents a 'picture' of TD E/I-minimization - way
back in 1967, but only Recognized for what it is within the stuff
I've sent out over the course of the last 31 years, 9 months.

AoK has been over-flowing with such Verification-in-Experiment all

| (And its not enough to cite a paper with the
| addendum 'this proves AoK'  you have to
| show how it does with mathematical argument)

First, it's not "AoK" that is to be Proved. The Experimental
Verification that's given in AoK Prooves NDT [Neuroscientific Duality
Theory]. AoK, itself, has, all along, been the Answer to your
question, Mat.

I wouldn't've 'bothered' anyone if it hadn't been so all along.

If what's here isn't what you wanted to receive from me - if what you
wanted was for me to 'close the door' upon those who've Abandoned the
Ethics of Science - then all I can say is that I'm working to 'hold
the door open' to everyone, even to those who've Abandoned the Ethics
of Science [and Government, and Business, and Journalism, and
Religion, and of Being-Truly-Human].

The most straight-forward way to achieve this end would be for me to
meet, in-person, with folks who Love Neuroscience.

Otherwise, I'm going to continue to emphasize the Proof that's been
in, and Declared to be in, AoK all along.

The 'Problem' has been not that folks do not understand what's been
Proven in AoK all along, but that some of those who've understood the
Proof that's been in AoK all along have, as is discussed above,
behaved Unscrupulously with respect to the Ethics of Science.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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