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Antidepressants in childhood: danger???

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 16 21:22:57 EST 2003

"mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:43525ce3.0305160746.18d6f281 at posting.google.com...
| >
| > If there was a 'biological clock' then folks
| > who lived in Arctic and Antarctic climes
| > would be totally 'out-to-lunch', wouldn't they? :-]
| > But, instead, they are robustly-adapted to
| > the demands of these sever climates,
| > =be-cause= they are not encumbered by
| > what would be the anti-survival dictates of
| > non-existent 'biological clocks'. Forgive
| > me, please. It's =hard= to experience my
| > Science's 'being' so thoughtlessly wayward.  kpc
| >
| This again exemplifies your misunderstanding
| and undermines any credibility you have.
| Biological clocks is a metaphor that has been
| used to illustrate a much more complex topic.
| No one claims that there are internal clocks
| which 'tick' regardless of the environment;
| indeed the main thrust of circaidian research
| is understanding how timing mechanisms within
| the body interact with the environment.  The
| pituitary gland and hypothalamus do secrete
| in a rhythmic fashion

As i discussed in my prior post, this so-called 'rhythm' is not a
"rhythm", but is an artifact of globally-integrated functionality
that is literally calculated and driven by globally-integrated TD

| (it is a well known problem in medicine than
| measuring random cortisol levels is unreliable
| as there is diurnal variation), but this does
| change if enviornment changes.  Melanin
| secretion from the pineal gland is thought to
| be a factor in jet-lag which is a manifest example
| of internal rhythms.
| In what you have said you show that you
| completely misunderstand a fairly simple level
| of science.  'Your' science indeed! LOL

I Stand on what I've posted.

K. P. Collins

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