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Marvin Minsky 'blasts' AI research in Wired

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Sat May 17 12:02:40 EST 2003

http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/ai4udex.html#hans Hans Moravec wrote:

> Gerald Coe <devantech at devantech.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> The 1000 to 10,000 neurons of the bee should be
>> a more realistic challenge.
> I think typical bees have about a million neurons
> A slug has tens of thousands of neurons
> Even the microscopic 1 mm long nematode C.Elegans
> has about 360 neurons
A top-down theory of robotic AI therefore has a better chance at

http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~phoenix/vinge/vinge-sing.html true AI

than slow, inadequate, bottom-up re-constructions of evolution :-)
> By my guesstimate it needs about 1 billion calculations/second,
> cleverly programmed, to do the job of a 1 million neuron circuit
> (functionally emulating the external neural I/O behavior as
> efficiently as possible, not trying to simulate individual
> neurons: that would take much, much more computation)
> <http://www.ri.cmu.edu/~hpm/book97/ch3/retina.comment.html>
> <http://www.ri.cmu.edu/~hpm/talks/revo.slides/power.aug.curve/power.aug.html>

http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/theory5.html -- AI4U Theory of Mind;
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/jsaimind.html -- Tutorial "Mind-1.1" 
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/mind4th.html -- Mind.Forth Robot AI;
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/ai4udex.html -- Index for book: AI4U

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