Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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I Understand the Consequences inherent in taking a position, as I have, against mega-corporation 'business' efforts.

It's just that I also Understand a few things about 3-D energydynamics.

No 'molecule' that enters the blood stream does so as an 'inert' substance. Each 'molecule's 3-D energydynamics 'signature' fairly broadcasts its pressence within the myriad 'normal' biochemical events that occur within the body - even the relatively-'rock' stuff of minerals does such in essential ways.

So, when 'molecules' that are not 'normally' extant within foodstuffs are, nevertheless, introduced into the bloodstream, the same stuff transpires with respect to their 'abnormal' 3-D energydynamics 'signatures'. The result is a 'crap shoot' - an exceedingly-short-sighted instance of 'testing-in-production' where the 'testing' regeime is the stuff of Living bodies of fellow Human Beingsm and, in a larger way, all of Humanity itself - because no one knows whether or not this or that 'abnormal' 'molecule's being introduced into the bloodstream will or will not instantiate a biochemical 'chain' that will include the instantiation of a self-perpetuating, self-replicating 'abnormal' 3-D energydynamics.

Agri-, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fertilizer, etc., businesses [any business that, in its functioning, introduces 3-D energydynamics in any way that impacts Human Biology] need to take responsibility for assuring that all possible reactions to their products within Human Biology are 100% Known.

'Testing in production' is Unacceptable with respect to Human Biology, because the 3-D energydynamics 'chains' can take decades to unfold, but when they unfold, have devastating consequences across populations.

Cases in-point?

DDT, myriad carcinogens, contraceptives that instantiate mutated fetuses, animal-feeding practices that introduce prions - mere scraps of 3-D energydynamics - into the food chain.

The standard for all such practice is a Hard one - Evolution's eons-long exhaustive Testing.

The ability to Test to that standard still exceeds our grasp, and while it does, 'testing-in-production' short cuts constitute "volitional diminishing-returns decision" 'temptations that, on our Honor as members of the Human Species, we must not allow ourselves to fall Victim to.

Especially not in the name of 'blind' 'profit'-seeking.

You know?

In such matters, we hold the Future of Humanity in our hands - in our Willingness to Do what Needs to be Done.

Where the Future of Humanity is concerned, it cannot be that the "Whoops!" 'option' is deliberately 'engineered' into 'business planning'.

K. P. Collins 

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  You know?

  If folks actually cared about folks starving in Africa, there'd be programs to get them farming machinery, water conservation and distribution technology, and training and Education, and loan programs with Educational-Contingencies that had to be fulfilled.

  All this 'genetic-engineering' stuff is is a draconian attempt to 'corner the market' of =FOOD=.

  For Goodness' Sake! 'Cornering the market of food?!

  Was there ever a 'plan' so Draconian?

  I doubt it.

  These are our Brothers and Sisters in Humanity, =not= our forcibly-dependent 'consumers'.

  The problems are great. Give Honest Assistance with respect to them. Win 'hearts', and good 'hearts', thus won, will open the way to 'profits' enough to go around.

  Enough with this detestable 'scheming' with respect to 'self'-seeking 'profits' that only magnify Costs to us all over the long-term.

  You Know?

  Gees! Wake Up!

  K. P. Collins

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    "Bush Links Europe's Ban on Bio-Crops With Hunger", By DAVID E. SANGER


    I Agree with the European position, and here's why:

    Given the genetic 'engineering', it's a certainty that there will be nonevolutionary-standard 3-D energydynamics in foodstuff which will carry their 3-D energydynamics into Human metabolic function.

    Then what?

    No one knows whether the existence of this or that 'atypical' 3-D energydynamic within Human metabolic function will 'trip-up' Human metabolic function, and finding-out with respect to such is a =Hard= problem.

    And that's where TD E/I-minimization enters the neural information-processing dynamics [why this's posted in this thread] - the 'decision' to 'push' genetically-altered crops without attaining Certainty is a low-threshold ['cheap'] "volitional diminishing-returns decision" [AoK, Ap7] that literally gambles with the survival of Humanity.

    Who can say that it wasn't an aberrant genetically-engineered 3-D energydynamic that precipitated the onset of SARS, for instance? No one can.

    With respect to such matters, the Survival of Humanity has to be put before 'profits'.

    Instead, Sadly, it's come to be the-other-way-around here in the 'modern' U. S. A. [See "inversion", AoK, Ap4, and think about it.]

    It's come to seem to me that the folks currently in control in Washington, D. C. are Determined to do every Stupid thing that they can 'think' of doing.

    K. P. Collins

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