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Excitation - inhibition

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 22 15:44:44 EST 2003

I've read the article, and stand on what I've posted, with the
following additional discussion.

There is a correlated URL:


The paper discusses in vitro ["slice"] preparations. The main
problems, here, are such preparations' inherent disconnection, and
the 'state' of constructed "biological mass" at the 'time' of

The former eliminates all subsystem interaction, including all TD
E/I-minimization mechanism governance. The latter imposes a 'state'
that is naturally 'fallen-into' within "slice" preparations, but
which only reflects in vivo correlates in a relatively-static
[artificial] way. In vivo, "biological mass" is being continually
constructed and dynamically tuned with respect to ongoing experience.

The results are significant because they do disclose cortical loop
circuits, but previous experiments disclosing such are decades old.

The paper does comment upon the importance of subcortical dynamics:
"Although the precise pattern of excitation and inhibition in
cortical neurons depends crucially on the spatio-temporal patterns of
afferent activity..."

At the web site, there is some sub-cortical emphasis [thalamus], but
such remains insufficient.

Again [and again and again]. nervous system function can only be
addressed via their integrated wholes. Subsystem experimentation
must, of course, be accomplished, but results obtained can only be
considered and discussed through recourse to best-understanding with
respect to whole, fully-integrated, fully-functional nervous systems.

The means to do so has been provided in AoK all along.

Why not use it, instead of heaping-up more disconnected results in
the Neuroscience stacks?

Other matter:

While reading in this issue of "Nature", I also came across a short
report, "A just-so story", by L. M. Krauss, p.231.

Quoting from the Report:

"The suggestion that the small value of the inferred cosmological
constant today is tied to the existence of other hierarchies in
elementary particle physics through a scaling mechanism is
nevertheless quite intriguing as a possible resolution of what is
otherwise the most puzzling fine tuning problem in all of physics."

My 'heart' sunk when I read this. This is the stuff I discussed last
Winter here in b.n, in the context of "Compton Refraction [formerly
termed "Compton Scattering"].

It's the central stuff of Tapered Harmony. The "scaling" is what's
Reified and depicted at my "Abundance on Wings" web site:


The "cosmological constant" stuff that they're looking at is 'just'
the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T, as
I've discussed it here in b.n in the past [for about a decade].

Every 'time' I lift my head up, thinking I'm free to breathe, it gets
knocked back down.

And I'm 'locked-out' of all the Rigorous Physics 'places'.

It's 'Hilarious'.

Is there no Honor in Science?

Or is Honor only for 'fools' such as I am?

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| Shu Y, Hasenstaub A, McCormick DA
| Turning on and off recurrent balanced cortical activity
| Nature 423(6937) : 288-93 (2003)
| [...]

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