grad school GREs

Kadej kadej at
Sat May 31 02:54:26 EST 2003

I would love to get such information too. From what I see, beyond the
top 20-30 rankings in USNEWS for graduate programs, you can't really
find out about the selectivity of the other schools unless you call
them. I have a feeling, too, that some schools do boast about their
grades and acceptance rate. I have tried calling some universities and
asked about their program, and they said that their admittance rate
into the program is about 10%. Note "admittance" rate. So...if the
program's acceptance rate is 50% and only 20% of the acceptees attend
the school, then that might be the admittance rate. I'm not 100% sure
about this, but yeah...I think they can be pretty vague at times.

josepht at (Joe T.) wrote in message news:<b145c183.0305301815.92f7d2a at>...
> Recently I've been looking into Neurosci. programs. Most sources on
> the application process recommend getting average GRE & GPA for the
> programs you're looking at to have an idea of whether you'll get in or
> not. This makes sense to me, but I have had no luck in finding a
> current source to find this info. Is there any book that someone can
> recommend, or do I have to ask each school that I am interested in?
> Thanks in advance, 
> Joe

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