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Neural Information-processing Energy Consumption [was Re: Correlation [...]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 2 08:59:14 EST 2003

This topic is huge, so I'll continue to discuss
it, a bit, below.

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| | > [...]
| | > An over-abundance of neurons would only
| | > 'get in the way' of convergence within the
| | > global network.
| |
| |
| | Nah!  Not at all!!
| What I posted, quoted above, stands Proven.
| It's simple.
| Given that x neurons are required to embody
| this or that 'thought' within the neural Topology,
| a nervous system that has x neurons, will
| converge more-rapidly, in a less-energy-con-
| suming way, then will a nervous system having
| x + n neurons.
| The inherent energy consumption is a measure
| of information-processing efficiency.
| So, by imposing greater-than-necessary energy
| consumption upon a nervous system's informa-
| tion processing, an over-abundance of neurons
| would only 'get in the way' of convergence within
| the global network.
| Q. E. D.
| [...]

It's simple, but it's also profound.

These considerations were some of the earliest
stuff that allowed me to see that what nervous
systems do is 'climb' the WDB2T energy-gradient.

There's a 'catch', though. It's been in AoK all along,
and I've reiterated it repeatedly in prior posts.

It is that, to the degree that a nervous system 'opts'
for 'going-directly' to its most-minimal-possible
configuration, it eliminates the possibility of future

It's sadly been the case, throughout the course of
Human History that, in absence-of-understanding
of how and why nervous systems process iforma-
tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-inimization,
groupwise interactive dynamics have tended,
strongly, to coerse overly-rapid, and overly-severe,
early 'conformity' with respect to haphazardly-
accumulated 'rule'-sets.

This is literally in-nervous-system embodied in
the form of premature "whittling" [AoK, Ap5,
"hippocampus"] of neural numbers, which leaves
nervous systems with reduced capacities for
enduring the demands of ranging-widely within
their host organisms' experiential environments.

Evolutionary dynamics addressed these consid-
erations in the explosive augmentation of the
prefrontal cortex in Humans. Which is why the
prefrontal cortex is discussed in AoK, Ap7 as "a
brain within the brain".

The prefrontal cortex literally embodies the fact
that survival-optimal TD E/I-minimization can
only occur over the long-term - be-cause exper-
ience unfolds sequentially - one "can't see around
the bend" in the 'road' one travels experientially -
one doesn't experience everything that is to be
experienced, say, during Infancy - so one's
nervous system must actively preserve TD E/I-
minimization capacity for handling stuff that will
be experienced later.

The functioning of the prefrontal "brain within the
brain" addresses this physical reality in a 'blindly'-
automated way.

As I've discussed in the past, these dynamics tend
to be experientially-optimized to the degree that
experiential ranging-widely begins early and is
sustained through Life.

Such ranging-widely does preserve an abundance
of neurons, but one which is not "over-abundant"
with respect to long-term TD E/I-minimization.

While enabling greater long-term TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, such neuronal-preservation does 'get in the way'
of relatively-short-term TD E/I-minimization, increasing
the information-processing energy-consumption costs
of relatively-short-term TD E/I-minimization. [This's
why, for instance, 'nerds' are such easy 'targets'.
'Blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization converges
upon the relatively-'familiar' thing, and 'castigates'
nervous systems that are working to achieve TD E/I-
minimization with respect to more-encompassing,
longer-term goals that've become incompletely-
'delineated' during the course of the 'nerds' relative-
ly-wider experience. [BTW, my 'rants' against the
'club'-iness of 'science' fall, superficially, into this
negative category. I Admit it, and Apologize for such.
It's just that I've never expected NDT's stuff to just
be Accepted. I've been 'whining' about the fact
that it's been actively Censored - so how can folks
even experience its stuff so that they can consider
it, and, then, Accept or Reject it?]

All of this stuff matters greatly because, left to their
innate 'blindly'-automated information-processing
propensities, nervous systems virtually always do
not range-widely sufficiently. The Sorrowful result
being that 'confinement' within experiential 'borders'
tends, strongly, to establish "them vs. us" interact-
ive dynamics when those TD E/I-minimization-
correlated 'borders' are 'crossed'.

When this happens, interactive TD E/I 'blindly' and
automatically augments, and interactive dynamics
tend, strongly, to spiral-inwardly [AoK, Ap8] until
they literally explode in "aggression".

This's what happened with respect to 2001-09-11,
with respect to Iraq, with respect to the Holy Land,
with respect to Northern Ireland - with respect to
=all= War that has occurred throughout the course
of Human History.

Humanity is in a race against its own self destruction.

In one 'lane', is 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-

In the other, is understanding with respect to 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization.

>From my perspective, it's awesomely-Sorrowful that
the outcome of this 'race' remains in-doubt.

It remains in-doubt be-cause 'blindly'-automated,
short-shrifted TD E/I-minimization is still being
opted-for during all processes that select Leadership,
be they the Savagery through which a dictator rises to
'power', or the 'elective' dynamics that prey-upon
Citizenries through invocations of merely-'familiar'

If the 'race' it to be won by understanding - if Humanity
is to Survive and Prosper - what's needed is Leader-
ship that will, itself, range-widely in its experience,
act in accord with such, and actively foster further
action in accord with such.

Of course, there's a 'difficulty' inherent.

There's a lot of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
out there, and anything and anyone who ventures into
the midst of such tends to get 'beat-up' real-fast by it.

Still, it must be accomplished if Humanity is to Survive
and Prosper.

It's all just simple energydynamics, around which there
exists no way.

k. p. collins

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