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'Entirety' - clarification

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 3 18:23:15 EST 2003

Further Necessary CLARIFICATION below.
[What's discussed, here, is not for the faint-
'hearted' [folks who acquiesce to relatively-
low "volitional diminish-ing-returns decision"
thresholds, BTW. Others will translate it for
these folks' understanding.]

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| Further CLARIFICATION below.
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| | | [...]
| | [...]
| [...]
| I have put virtually everything on new found-
| ations, though, and, from there, it all needs
| to be rewritten, and I've also shown folks
| how to do the rewriting.
| I don't know how far I could, by myself, actually
| get-into rewriting it all - and it's obvious that I'll
| never know. Can't rewite much when one is
| struggling  to feed and shelter one's self.
| It's 'hilarious' to me that I am 'punished', in
| this way for having done the best stuff that
| a man could do.
| So 'interesting'.
| So disclosing.
| So informative.
| So "Inverted".
| I've Agonized all along about whether I should
| address all of this directly.
| Doing so, of course, 'puts folks on the defensive'.
| But not doing so leaves Truth unaddressed - so,
| in the 'absence'-of-Truth that that'd leave, how
| could folks discern Truth?
| How could folks even catch a glimpse of what
| needs to be done?
| And, besides, leaving Truth unaddressed constitutes
| 'moving away from' Truth - 'moving toward' 'absence'-
| of Truth.
| And that's the wellspring of Evil, isn't it?
| Yup.
| So, I've been 'limping'-along, trying to do just enough
| to enable folks to get-it little-by-little.
| Only problem with that has been that folks've been
| taking-advantage of that to 'move away from' Truth.
| I've watched all of this unfolding, and it's finally
| become clear to me that folks're not benefitting
| from the 'indirect' approach.
| What to do?
| First thing, I cannot co-operate in such.
| Second thing is that I still have to Live in accord
| with Truth.
| Truth is, Free Will must be Guarded.
| So, if folks 'choose' to 'move away from' Truth,
| All I can do is let them, watching, more, as the
| gulf between them and me grows.

Further Necessary CLARIFICATION:

What am I saying, above?

Am I saying, "Aw shucks, if 'you' want to do
{whatever] to me, or to the Children, or to the
and what 'you' do Hurts me, or the Children,
or to the Stranger-to-me-anywhere-around-
the-world, I've got to just let 'you'."?


That would be 'just' more 'moving away from'

And, since, to the degree that 'moving away
from' Truth is actively [~~'knowingly'], or pas-
sively [~~'unknowingly'], fostered, such literal-
ly sanctions Evil.

So, knowing that Evil cannot be sanctioned
[it that's not obvious, please msg and I'll discuss
why Evil cannot be sanctioned], what can I do
if folks 'move away from' Truth?

There's one Great-'Difficulty', inherent, that
grows-out-of the fact that nervous systems
accumulate "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] in
rigorous accord with the neural activation that
actually occurs within them - which is always
individually-unique, even within Parent-Child
[birth] Family groups - even in cases of gene-
tically-'identical' twins [be-cause of the "stand-
ing-wave genetics [S-W G] stuff I've repeatedly
reiterated over the years here in b.n, there
exists no such thing as "identical" genetic
material] - 'simply' be-cause no two bodies can
occupy the same space.

So, since nervous systems do accumulate
"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] in rigorous
accord with the neural activation that actually
occurs within them, and be-cause nervous sys-
tems 'normally' maintain affective-alignment in
rigorous accord with the "biological mass" that
accumulates within them, as a result of the
neural activation that has actually occurred
within them [which, as I've discussed ad infinitum,
 all occurs via 'blindly'-automated TD E.I-mini-
mization, if I force that which correlates with
TD E/I-minimization within my nervous system
upon any other nervous system, to the degree
of that, all that happens [in the absence-of-un-
derstanding of the stuff that's Reified in NDT,
is that TD E/I becomes augmented in the other
nervous system in a way that, literally, points
directly back to me.

And that's How and Why "inwardly-spiralling"
interactive dynamics, which underpin =all=
aggression, become instantiated during inter-
active dynamics.

Do you see the Great-'Difficulty that's inherent?

If I force 'blindly'-automated TD E/I(up) upon
another nervous system, I 'push' that nervous
system toward aggression - in literally invite
aggression [which is what the terrorists did on
2001-09-11 - and what, in absence of NDT's
understanding, virtually everyone routinely does
in virtually all of their interactive dynamics, albeit,
in ways that are 'normally' much-more-subtle than
were the acts of the 2001-09-11 terrorists.

So, confronted by this Great-'Difficulty', what does
one do?

One studies the Problem, converges upon
NDT's understanding, and Works to share it [this,
too, all via TD E/I-minimization that becomes,
progressively, less-'blindly'-automated as the
understanding of how nervous systems process
information accumulates].

But part of the Great-'Difficulty' is that, since
nervous systems accumulate "biological mass"
[AoK, Ap5] in rigorous accord with the neural
activation that actually occurs within them, and
since convergence upon NDT's understanding
occurs within my nervous system, in a way that
derives in my experience, and which is relatively-
'unfamiliar' to anyone who has experienced
differently than I have [which, for reasons that are
being discussed, is virtually everyone], so, when
I endeavor to share NDT's understanding, my do-
ing so is experienced within others' nervous sys-
tems as a TD E/I(up)-generating circumstance.


It's Why the 'Difficulty' inherent is, in fact, Great.

So, what do I do?

Do I just 'throw-up-my-hands', whining that it's

What good would that do?

It'd allow me to experience relatively-minimiz-
ed TD E/I, but only in a way that derives in more
of the 'same' haphazardness that's been the
wellspring of "man's inhumanity to man" since
the Beginning - I'd be 'gambling' with my Life,
and what good is that?

So what do I do?

Do I, instead of building understanding, devote
myself to building weaponry, and resort to its use,
as has been the case throughout the course of
Human History?

What good would that do?

Again, it's a 'gamble' - but one in which the 'ante'
comes exceedingly-high - the assured destruction
of the Lives of some of our Sons and Daughters,
which constitutes their Arbitrary Murder [what's
the word for the Murdering of one's own Children?
The Murder inherent is an extended-Family
version of that word's stuff.] And, with a bit more
"extendedness", it's the same with respect to
so-called "enemy combatants".

It's what I do - use the "M"-word.

Of course, the "M"-word is, itself, a 'weapon', and
resort to using it is a resort to the use of 'weaponry' -
it induces TD E/I(up) within the nervous systems
that are on the receiving-end of it.

The thing is, though, that it's a cognitive 'weapon' -
one that acts bloodlessly. And, what's more [as
I've reiterated, repeatedly, in prior posts], it's
a 'weapon' that is as a "double-edged sword".

I cannot invoke it without simultaneously becoming
'Bound' by it.

And that's why it's commensurate with the Great-
'Difficulty' that's inherent in "man's inhumanity to

What's more, it 'moves toward' Truth, whereas re-
sort to Killing-Weaponry - you know - the kind that's
'relied-upon' by Armies, Criminals, and Gun-Advo-
cates around the world - always 'moves away from'
Truth. [How so? It's simple. It's in-Truth that every
nervous system 'strives' to enable its host organ-
ism's Survival. Killing 'moves away from' Truth
inherent, always in a way that's Tragically-'hilarious',
be-cause, in the act of Killing, a nervous system is
'denying'-Self - Killing the Same-Stuff that it 'wants'
for itself. Get it? The abstract TD E/I-minimization
'goal' of the Killer's nervous system is the 'Same'
abstract 'goal' of the nervous system that the
Killer Murders - so, in the act of Killing, the Murderer
'denies' the validity of the TD E/I-minimization
dynamics inherent in his own nervous system. [This's
more of the "double edged sword"-ness. That such
even occurs is really-'funny' - you know - because
folks who do the Killing always 'jump-through-hoops',
like Circus Performers, in efforts to 'justify' their
Murdering Life, but, all the while, no matter how
many 'hoops' they 'jump-through' [how many 'epi-
cycles' they heap-up within their calculations] every-
thing they do actually constitutes only the one thing -
'denial' of the TD E/I-minimization dynamics that
occur within their own nervous systems. It's 'hilar-
ious' - =TRAGICALLY=.]

So, I use the "M"-word.

And I =mean= it.

For instance, when I was Arrested, back in 2002,
when I went to try another way to initialize the com-
ing-forward of NDT's understanding, when I went
before the Judge, I explained that my Dad was
dependent upon me for his Survival, and pleaded
for his Life.

I was incarcerated.

Dad Died.

And I went back to the Court and Forthrightly
explained to the Prosecutor that his Court had
Murdered my Dad.

The Court had Murdered my Dad.

What's that 'you' say? "No, Ken. It was =you=
who Murdered your Father. If you cared for him,
you would not have abandoned him."

It's in the Great-'Difficulty'.

If I didn't go to endeavor, in yet another way, to
bring NDT's understanding forward, I'd've been
Choosing to 'move away from' Truth that millions
of Lives are at stake while NDT's understanding
remains uncommunicated. [It's also in the Great-
'Difficulty' that, to date, only I, and a few others,
can understand Truth inherent, but, since I do,
I am 'Bound' by Truth.] I did what was necessary
to prepare Dad for what I knew from my own ex-
perience, might be 'an overnight stay' in Jail. It
was not in my experience that a Judge would not
hear Truth.

So, when the Court Murdered my Dad, I went to
the Court and Forthrightly Decalred the Fact that
it had Murdered my Dad to it.

Did my action do any good?

I don't know.

The Court Documents that I've received have been
Perjured in an effort to 'move away from' Truth.

But it's all, in-Truth, that I can do.

Nothing I can do will bring my Dad back, so he
can Live the Life that was teken from him.

I just didn't 'move away from' Truth - even though
it was Hard.

I've gotten into my Dad's Murder in order to juxtapose
it with respect to my prior Assertions that folks are
also Committing Murder by Censoring NDT's under-

Folks are - all the way up through the 'political' hierarchy,
all the way up through the 'business' hierarchy, all the
way up through the 'science' hierarchy - Murder.

All with the same Tragic-'hilariousness' that's discussed
above - nervous systems 'seeking' TD E/I-minimization
within themselves, while, simultaneously, denying the
Same-Stuff to billions of other nervous systems.

It's Mass-Murder on a scale that's unprecedented
within Human History,

And, be-cause it's all so routinely 'us vs. them'-stuff,
it reverberates with Genocide.

So you see? NDT's understanding is not for the

It's as Serious as things Human get.

So folks should not 'misinterpret' my saying that,
"if folks 'choose' to 'move away from' Truth,
All I can do is let them, watching, more, as the
gulf between them and me grows."

I say it only with the most-Awesome-Sorrow.

Folks Choose Murder over Understanding?

Even to the 'point' of Censoring Understanding
before its Published?

"Brun that book!" ...?

Even as the Understanding is taken in efforts to
'seek profits' - in efforts to 'seek military advantage' -
in efforts to 'further academic careers'?

Even as anyone who looks can See International
groupwise TD E/I is augmenting?

I apologize for having to say-it-plain.

My Gift to you is Truth.

I Love you in that way.

K. P. Collins

| It's the Chance that's been inherent, since the
| beginning, in what fell to me to do - that folks'd
| see-it, but be 'overwhelmed' at having seen-it,
| the only 'result' being that I'd be left to Die, re-
| viled.
| "Oh well."
| So 'interesting'.
| So disclosing.
| So informative.
| So "Inverted".
| It's why I'll be logging-off in about 12 days.
| Can't co-operate in 'moving away from' Truth.
| In staying online, that'd be what I'd be doing.
| Nothing I can do can Free me from the Obligation
| that fell to me.
| I'll still have to work to find another way.
| But, if folks want to 'move away from' Truth, all I
| can do, in-Truth, is let them.
| Free Will must be Guarded.
| It's in Truth.
| If Free Will is not Guarded, to the degree of that,
| folks can no longer Choose, anyway - and things
| spiral inwardly - like in Iraq.
| Like in all War.
| Like in all of "man's inhumanity to man".
| Since the Beginning.
| "Can you drink this cup?"
| I can, Lord.
| Help me.
| Love, ken
| | Just develop Sufficient means to get from
| | 'point A' to 'point B', and have a g'zillion
| | techniques that I use in  doing so. I always
| | solve the problem in the ol' noggin' lab,
| | then, if doing so has Worth, 'encapsulate'
| | the solution in a little QBasic app, so that
| | others can consider the gist of it.
| |
| | Sometines, there's a lot included between
| | 'point A' and 'point B', and the apps I post
| | don't explicitly convey all that's actually in-
| | there. The apps 'get-bigger' comensurate
| | with one's experience with respect to the
| | "lot" - that is, they apply to everything that's
| | in-there, but such cannot be discerned
| | unless one is experienced with respect to
| | what's in-there.
| |
| | Anyway, that's what I meant by "entirety",
| | realizing shortly after posting the prior msg
| | that, because the connotation of "entirety"
| | is dependent upon experience, folks probably
| | won't get it.
| |
| | Hence this clarification.
| |
| | [Hey, I understand what I'm saying :-]
| |
| | ken [k. p. collins]
| |
| |

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